David Sanguesa - Custom Home Builder/Remodeler and Commercial Builder

David J. Sanguesa III of Miami, Florida, has a wealth of experience as a custom home builder/remodeler and commercial builder. In fact, he is a licensed general contractor in Florida. He has been in the profession for over two decades and has won several awards. He is respected for completing projects on time and within budget, while at the same time ensuring that those projects earn a profit and generate revenue.

Trusted for his attention to detail and commitment to architectural design and superior quality, he has been serving as construction manager/project manager for Landa Enterprises Corp. since 2008. His primary responsibility is the management of the construction and remodeling of commercial properties, condos, and high-end homes for some of the wealthiest residents of South Miami.

As a manager, he ensures that every subcontractor he works with meets his incredibly high standards in terms of both craftsmanship and quality. Because he has a degree in psychology, he has a deep understanding of how people should work together in order to meet the expectations of his clients. In his role, he works one-to-one with clients and then discusses this with his team to deliver the job that is expected. Thanks to his knowledge of psychology, he is able to build relationships with confidence and trust.

Achievements and Experience

Some of the key achievements in his current position at Landa Enterprises include leading the interior build-out or finish-out of several banks, office spaces, galleries, and art museums. He also led the construction of a Miami Beach 36-unit mid-rise building, 100 homes in the Granada Estates, and several South Miami high-end homes. The luxury homes included waterfront homes, a 6,000-square foot home, and an $8 million estate.

Prior to taking on the position with Landa Enterprises, David Sanguesa was President of David J. Sanguesa Custom Homes Inc., based in Houston, TX. He launched this company 1997 as a custom home building company to serve some of richest homeowners in Houston. Here, he was able to recruit a legal counsel, an accountant, 150 contractors, and a staff of 20 first-class professionals.

In 2002, he also launched Tribeca Commercial Inc., also in Houston. Through this company, he managed various commercial building projects including the design and construction of an aquatic center for the city, and the conversion of a 15-story, 220-unit condominium.

David Sanguesa became involved in home-building while he was still a student at Texas A&M University. In 1988, after graduation, he was hired as a construction manager for Pulte Home Corporation. Next, he was employed as a builder for David Weekley Homes and later as a construction manager for University Towne Properties. After that, he became the vice president for construction at Tanglewood Builders, Inc.

Educational Background

Sanguesa obtained a BS in Psychology degree at Texas A&M, although he started to get involved in home building while still a student. Because of his interest in home-building, he obtained a license as an agent from the Texas Real Estate Commission. Today, he is a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and the Rice Design Alliance.


What truly sets David Sanguesa apart is that, from the first time he started working, he has been 100 percent committed to always delivering the best quality work on time and in budget. He understands the value of property, and how a properly completed renovation or construction offers additional value. This is something that he has been officially recognized for as well. In 1992, having only been employed for four years, he won the "Finest Finisher of Custom Homes" award from David Weekley Homes. He was also the "Prism" Award winner twice in a row: for a $2 million home in 2000, and for a $3 million home in 2001.

Being awarded the Finest Finisher award is one of his proudest achievements today. This showed him that he had found something that he was not just good at, but really passionate about as well. For the next 10 years, he continued to develop his skills, working in the River Oaks, Memorial, Tanglewood, West University, and Bellaire regions of Houston. He became incredibly respected for having a discerning eye for detail.

Greatest Achievement

His greatest professional achievement was the construction of former President George Bush's home, which is in Tanglewood. He was then working for Tanglewood Builders and he was able to turn this project into a great success. So much so, in fact, that it turned the company itself around, something that they are still thankful for. He stayed on with the company until 1997, by which time the company had risen back to its former glory.

The Future

The future is bright for David Sanguesa, who continues to be committed to creating homes and buildings of superior quality, detail, and architectural design.

Source: David Sanguesa