David McArthur Launches Exciting New Children's Book Series - "The What Does Series"

David McArthur launched his new series of children's books as part of the Canadian "Emerging Local Author Collection" initiative here in Victoria, BC.

Books One and Two in McArthur’s new series, ‘What Does A Doctor Do?’ and ‘What Does A Fairy Godmother Do?’ encourage young children to learn through interactive reading and play. Bright, engaging illustrations, together with a simple narrative, make it easy for even the youngest child to read the stories to themselves time and time again.

Victoria, British Columbia January 26, 2015 – Author David McArthur took the unusual step of launching his new series of children’s books “The What Does Series” as part of the Canadian “Emerging Local Author” Initiative. “What Does A Doctor Do?” and “What Does A Fairy Godmother Do?” are the first two books in a growing series aimed at young children age 2 to 6. The books use humor, a simple narrative and delightful illustrations to educate young children in an engaging and interactive way.

In ‘What Does A Doctor Do’ McArthur asks children five very simple questions, “Does A Doctor Do….?” Each question presents the ‘Doctor’ in a different situation carrying out the work (usually badly) of another individual such as a Policeman or a Fireman. In a recent book reading at West-Mont Montessori School, the children were so taken by the book that as soon as McArthur had finished reading it they asked for it again, and again.

The strength of the What Does Series lies in how it makes the child feel when they are reading it. For example, by placing a stereotypical Doctor in an unrealistic situation, such as flying a Space Ship, “What Does A Doctor Do?” gives children the self-belief that they know the answer. But it doesn’t stop there. The book then presents the child with the real individual who really does fly a Space Ship – teaching them about the world around them. In addition to this, the simple, repetitive nature of the story and the delightful illustrations encourage children of all ages to pick it up, even after just one reading, and try it out for themselves.

McArthur hopes that his books provides children and parents with an enjoyable way to spend five or ten minutes together which promotes not just learning but the basis for a love of reading.

Both “What Does A Doctor Do?” and “What Does A Fairy Godmother Do?” are available on Amazon.com, and wholesale and retail outlets worldwide. Kindle editions are also available on Amazon.

About The Canadian Emerging Local Authors Collection Initiative

Run by Greater Victoria Public Libraries (GVPL) “The Emerging Local Authors Collection” aims to highlight local authors, for readers of all ages. Each year, April to March, GVPL showcase books by emerging local authors at the Greater Victoria Central Library. Information about the authors and their books will be featured. The books will also be available to browse and borrow from our online catalogue.

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