David Holland's New Book 'The Presidents in Quirky Illustrated Verse' is a Brilliant Collection of Quirky Anecdotes and Pieces About America's Presidents

Fulton Books author David Holland, a writer who has been a lawyer, consultant, federal government employee, and military officer, has completed his most recent book "The Presidents in Quirky Illustrated Verse": a fun compilation of verses about the 46 presidents of America then and now. These verses are laced with humor and art that will draw the attention of modern-day citizens. The artist is Phil McKenney.

Holland shares, "Why poke a little fun at America's presidents? Well, why not? Being able to laugh at the nation's leaders is a sign of a free country. And laughter just might help those leaders maintain a modicum of needed humility.

"America is currently on its 46th president. A few of them have been presidents of accomplishment and distinction, perhaps most notably George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt. Others were generally successful but were not seriously challenged by the events of their terms. Still others, not so much. This work attempts no rankings but, while acknowledging serious events and conditions, mostly searches for a bit of humor.

"The Presidents in Quirky Illustrated Verse summarizes the 46 U.S. presidents from George Washington to Joe Biden. The summaries are through quirky poetry and even quirkier art. Will the reader emerge with an in-depth knowledge of the 46 presidents? No, that is a task for Wikipedia. But the reader might acquire a tidbit or so that could be dropped into a conversation and maybe foster an impression of advanced erudition. Hey, that last sentence has a quirky rhyme!"

Published by Fulton Books, David Holland's manuscript contains pieces that are interestingly humorous, giving readers a new and amusing take on who the past leaders of the nation were.

Readers who wish to experience this fantastic work can purchase "The Presidents in Quirky Illustrated Verse" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books