David Disraeli Announces Release of Revised Book "What to Do With Your Aging Parents"

David Disraeli, author and investment adviser has released his book on aging with a new forward written by therapist Al Jones, Ph.D.

David Disraeli, founder of The Personal CFO, Inc. has release a revised version of his book, "What to Do With Your Aging Parents".  This is the first book to address all the financial, emotional,  and legal consequences of aging specifically prior to a crises.

After spending 20+ years in financial and estate planning Mr. Disraeli noticed that many families did not have adequate plans for the eventual decline in health and functionality of their older loved ones.  This book explains a six-step process that families can go through to address critical issued in advance.  In addition most adult children of seniors do not know where or if their parents have proper legal documents or the location of important financial information.  A crises is the most emotionally inconvenient to go hunting for documents or make life decisions. 

For more information visit Amazon.com or www.agingparents.net

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