Dave Vitalli Stands Up to Corrupt Politicians in Tennessee and Stands With Gov. Ron Desantis in Florida

Dave Vitalli began his campaign for U.S. Congress in Tennessee's 5th District, which represents parts of Nashville and surrounding counties, because he knows a strong voice of reason is needed to lead and fight the radical Left's agenda. Vitalli has received an extremely positive and large outpouring of support from across the state. Several local GOP leaders and Republican groups were backing Dave and made it clear that he was the strongest candidate.

Unfortunately, Tennessee state representatives superseded the United States Constitution and passed an unconstitutional law - changing the qualifications to run for a federal seat in Tennessee to three years residency in TN, when the Constitution only requires residency at the time of election.

"I'm certain there are no coincidences that Sen. Nicely who sponsored this in the Senate is also endorsing one of my opponents, Beth Harwell - the sixty-five-year-old establishment choice. There is nothing these people fear more than allowing the voters to actually make a choice for themselves because of good ole' boy establishment fears that the Republican faithful may elect someone the elitists cannot control," said Vitalli.

They have made it abundantly clear that they do not like or want "outsiders" even when an "outsider" like Vitalli was willing to sacrifice his businesses and family time to fight for hard-working Tennessee families and small businesses. Tennessee's elitist politicians have proven to be no different than the states they claim to despise for an overreaching government.

Vitalli won't apologize for his zip code or where he's from. Unlike established politicians and RINOs, he's a total self-funder who's focused on real results and solutions.

Vitalli is running on maintaining the principles and core values America was founded on, and protecting America's children who seem to be under attack by radical agendas and ideologies.

"I feel like I'm watching our country going down in flames and I can't sit back and watch knowing I could have stood up and done something about it. I take pride in the fact that I would have died protecting my country and I will continue fighting for our freedoms for the rest of my life," said Vitalli.

Dave fell in love with Tennessee from the very first time he visited in 2013, when he had a TV show on CMT network. After personally experiencing government overreach in his home state of New York, he knew he needed to move his family to a state that shared his views on freedom and faith. Dave and his family became full-time residents one year ago. Dave believes it's vital that Tennessee has strong representatives to prevent the seats from turning blue.

"I never thought something like this would happen in the state of Tennessee. I can't in good conscience stay in a state that has made it clear that they don't like or want outsiders and are willing to break the Constitution of the United States to remove candidates based on their own bias and criteria whom they don't see fit while also conveniently endorsing another career politician," Vitalli said. "Governor Ron DeSantis is a leader, and I feel that he would never allow this type of backdoor bureaucratic politics in his state."

After much prayer and thought, Dave feels that God's plan for him is to move to Florida, where they still value liberty and the Constitution and he won't be silenced from fighting for the soul of America alongside Governor DeSantis.

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