Dating Mastermind Helps Single Women Improve Dating Results

The Tracy Ready Company is delighted to announce The Ready to Date Dating Mastermind Tour which kicks off in Dallas on April 2, 2016. The half-day workshop, will empower pre-registered single ladies with tools to become healed and whole to produce healthier dating results and stronger relationships. Other cities include Memphis, Atlanta and New Orleans.

There are 10 learning objectives.  Three are included below.

  • Regain identity, courage and confidence through the H.E.R. Power Curriculum
  • Get tools to bounce back from break-ups, lies and disappointments
  • Learn to make dating work for you

See complete list of objectives on website.

"The most helpful part of the Dating Mastermind for me was the insights about myself and how those things manifest themselves within my dating process. Coach Tracy is delightful and has a warm and welcoming approach. Her insights prove to be effective and constructive in aiding me see myself and to optimize my dating experience. The Dating Mastermind is a great program and is a great kick start for those wanting to redefine their dating life."

Talisha S., Past Student

The session will begin with assessments and surveys.  Clients will then be guided through a series of coaching objectives by Memphis, TN Native and Dallas, TX resident, Professional Life Strategist and Therapist, Tracy Ready, M.A. M.F.T. based on the Ready to Date H.E.R. Power curriculum and social experiment.  Q & A as well as hands-on coaching directly related to each students’ experiences is also provided.  “It’s a much more personalized, intimate experience than a singles conference.” says Ready.  One-on-One support after the event as well as lunch and the Dating Mastermind Workbook on the event day is included in registration fee.

Tracy Ready’s Ready to Date Social Experiment involved an intentional series of first dates over a 12-week period.  This personal experience combined with her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and  12+ years of professional experience  working with single women of all ages, stages and socioeconomic backgrounds,  birthed a systematic approach to empowering women to decrease their dating exhaustion and improve the quality of their dating and relationship results.

Other cities  apart of or to be added to the tour for this quarter include: Memphis, TN, Houston, TX, Jackson, MS, Atlanta, GA, Oklahoma City, OK and New Orleans