Dating Coach Emyli Lovz on How to Find the Right Relationship in 2018

Renowned dating coach Emyli Lovz, who completed a 100 date research experiment in 2012, says her coaching programs will help determined, hard working men lose their single status in 2018. 

Shortly after her 100-date research project was complete, Emyli co-founded, a San Francisco-based dating coaching company designed to help men find and attract their most ideal partner. Her site offers hundreds of free advice articles, an online dating course, and her highly proclaimed 1-on-1 dating coaching programs held via Skype or Facetime. 

The action plan we created together really paid off. Emyli helped me realize that I had to love myself first and really accept my own unique style. Well here I am 12 months later, not only engaged (my original goal) but I just got married to the most amazing, beautiful woman. Thank you so much for everything. You might not always realize how much impact your words may have but they sure made a difference for me. Thank you.


For men who have a goal of finding girlfriend or wife this year, Emyli recommends they sign up for a 50 minute New Client Coaching Session with her. Emyli is currently offering a 50% discount on this session, which is now $25. 

During this initial 50 minute Skype session, Emyli uncovers dating roadblocks and creates a mini-action plan with the client. If there's a promising coach-client fit, she will discuss her 3- and 12-month coaching program with them.

Emyli's 3-Month Signature Program is for men who want to improve their dating skills and eventually find a girlfriend. Each week, clients complete video modules and meet with Emyli for highly structured 50-minute Skype sessions. This program includes getting more first, second, and third dates. It also includes constant online dating profile adjustments, date diagnosis, and much more.

Emyli's 12-Month VIP Program is an advanced program for men who are already getting dates with women but who feel like they are settling for women that they aren't really excited about. The goal of this program is for clients to find their ideal life-partner or wife. The program includes everything from her Signature Program, plus a professional photo shoot, email support for questions that arise between sessions, and much more.

What makes Emyli different than other coaches is her unique philosophy to dating. She teaches a concept of Megadating. The definition of Megadating is to date multiple people at the same time to diffuse energy and increase confidence.

Emyli has been recently featured on Business Insider for her 100 date experiment, Megadating philosophy, and her expert dating advice.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please refer to the contact information below to get in touch.

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