DataWerks Offers an Exclusive 3-Month Pilot Phase

Throughout September, dataWerks will offer test pilot months to try out their data virtualization product. This is a great way to analyze data effectively

FRANKFURT, Germany, September 7, 2018 (Newswire) -As part of its pilot program, data integration software company dataWerks is offering the chance to experience their product for free. The program runs throughout September and, during this time, anyone can try out the services entirely free of charge.

The world has entered an age of big data in which even relatively small businesses are using vast quantities of personal information. All that data can be immensely valuable, but many companies fail to extract maximum value.

The problem is the infrastructure. Data is often split across various locations and in incompatible sources. However, to get value from it, companies need to be able to amalgamate diverse types of data such as sales, HR and production details to create actionable results.

This is where dataWerks comes in. It sits between multiple data sources and provides bridges between them all, virtually. There is no need to overhaul existing structures, dataWerks can simply plug into a functioning system and bring all usable data from different sources into one place without adding additional overhead to the data source systems.

It is intuitive, simple, and easy to access. It provides complete data virtualization that can be used to draw insights, conduct research, and make better — more profitable — business decisions.

DataWerks Pilot: A Risk-Free Chance to Try the Product

DataWerks’ new pilot data virtualization system is currently undergoing its pilot phase. As part of this, companies can try the system for free. The platform is ideal for businesses of all kinds, from many different sectors and is a great opportunity to see how it can unlock all that unrealized data potential within the company.

The system brings data in from various sources and presents it in a simple and intuitive table. Reports can be compiled within seconds, giving access to clear, concise, and actionable real-time information.

The pilot will be running for three months and is split into the following phases:

●     Month One: A comprehensive analysis of existing data management infrastructure and the company’s requirements, and a presentation of the best solution according to the detected needs.

●     Month Two: Connecting and integrating data from all available locations and providing it in dataWerks’ virtual layer while delivering the first reports.

●     Month Three: dataWerks will fine tune the results, make any changes needed and allow using newly provided insights.

The pilot month in September is a chance to experience all the functionality of dataWerks risk-free.

As long as the contract begins before the end of September 2018, dataWerks will provide these services entirely free of charge. This comes with the services of their experienced team of analytical experts working out of Frankfurt am Main together with three months of hardware and software maintenance services.

Discounts Available for Full Package

Throughout September dataWerks will also be running a promotion for the full package. Anyone who signs up before the end of the month would receive a special discount. After the pilot phase, to continue using dataWerks, customers only need to pay a license fee.

If there is a need to connect any other data sources, dataWerks will be happy to develop a separate offer based on individual demands.

For more information email them or call 069 76 752 980.

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About DataWerks

Launched in 2011, dataWerks has pioneered a ground-breaking data virtualization solution which adopts a revolutionary innovative approach to obtaining real-time insights into business operations without mass data replication or adding extra overhead to the data sources.

The company developed the technology gradually before filing a patent in 2013. The customer base is growing among public and private clients across the world from Europe to the Americas.

The main objective at dataWerks remains — as ever — to deliver a disruptive and innovative solution to clients and enable them to draw unrivaled levels of real-time business insight, which can help them power their business into a more competitive future.

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