Datatel IVR Payments Receives CardConnect Certification

This latest certification allows merchants to seamlessly process credit, debit card and ACH transactions through Datatel's IVR Payments as a Service to CardConnect

Datatel Communications Inc. / Datatel Inc. in Canada, a leader in IVR Payments, announced it has received CardConnect integration certification.

This latest certification allows merchants to seamlessly process credit, debit card and ACH transactions through Datatel’s IVR Payments as a Service to CardConnect.

We are relentlessly focused on making it easier and more secure for our customer to process payments over the telephone and this certification helps provide even broader access and options for our customers.

Barnard Crespi, Co-Chief Executive Officer at Datatel

Datatel's Pay-By-Phone platform helps merchants automate and secure credit card transactions that take place over the phone by removing live agents from handling sensitive credit card information and enabling customers to pay their bills by phone 24/7.

Datatel's platform brings significant flexibility, security and cost savings to businesses, healthcare providers, and government agencies by automating the processing of payment information 24/7 over the phone. And by removing the need for employees to handle customers’ credit card information, it helps to address the PCI compliance requirement. ​

CardConnect is available in Datatel’s three versions:

  • Datatel Pay-By-Phone xPress: A quick Pay-By-Phone option for any size business that offers basic workflows, quick implementation and personalized branding.
  • DatatelPay-By-Phone CORE: All the features offered by the xPress version designed for growing businesses that support flexible payment workflow tailoring and real-time data exchanges with merchant’s business systems.​
  • DatatelPay-By-Phone PRO +: Designed for medium-to-large businesses that requires sophisticated data-driven payment workflows, card tokenization, professional services and enterprise-level support.

Datatel IVR Payments as a Service is used by hundreds of businesses, healthcare providers, government agencies and non-profit organizations to securely process payments over the telephone. With this latest addition of the CardConnect gateway and their strong market presence, merchants can now access all the benefits of Datatel's IVR Payments as a Service with CardConnect’s extensive card processing capabilities.

About Datatel

Datatel delivers innovative payment software and secure voice communication solutions to help our customers become more agile, profitable and successful. 

Datatel’s Pay-By-Phone / IVR Payments As A Service provides businesses with the most robust and cost-effective way to securely and easily process credit card payments 24/7 over the phone in a PCI Compliant environment. 

Datatel has been providing IVR Payment as a Service to hundreds of businesses, healthcare providers, governments and non-profit organizations for over 10 years. 

Datatel’s success comes from investing in its people, customers and technology. With a focus on innovation, Datatel has arrived at a service delivery model that guarantees its customers satisfaction.

Source: Datatel Communications Inc.

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