Datarius Announces Referral Program

Constantly improving and listening to its community participants, the first social p2p Datarius Cryptobank is pleased to announce a single-tier Referral Program for the whole ITO period scheduled for March 5 - April 5, 2018.  

It's time to reconnect with old friends or discover new ones! After having created Personal Account at, referrer can receive a unique referral link or send an e-mail invitation. Once invited person participates in the project and backs more than 100 DTRC tokens, referrer get 5% of the amount of total participation in tokens! All statistics will be available in the Referral Program section.
Receiving DTRC tokens has never been easier:
1. Register for a Personal Account.
2. Take a unique referral link in the Referral Program section.
3. Promote the Datarius project among friends and communities.
4. Receive tokens.

How does the referral link work? It's very simple – use the link within publications about Datarius, in blogs, comments, forums, e-mail signatures, YouTube channels, banners and other ads. Create unique and interesting content, tell people about Datarius and its advantages, talk about the phenomenon of financial socialization, share an opinion about the future of the fintech and the project’s potential.
Thus, the Datarius Referral Program is an excellent opportunity to participate in the project and become a part of its ecosystem!
#Cryptorize! With Datarius.

P.S. Using referral link, including in the form of spam, that in any manner violates the law is strictly prohibited! Datarius's main mission is to create a socially-oriented comfortable ecosystem free of hard sales! The violators will have their accounts deleted!

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