DATAMARK Discusses Business Continuity Planning on Its Latest Webinar Panel

The business process outsourcing firm's latest webinar discusses how paradigm shifts and human component realizations brought on by the coronavirus pandemic are leading to a major surge in outsourcing utilization for Business Continuity Planning and beyond.

The preferred business process outsourcing company DATAMARK recently conducted "Why Business Continuity Plans Fail - How To Avoid Repeating Others' Mistakes." The webinar, which digs into the mistakes others have made, what to avoid moving forward, and valuable strategies for using Contingent Workforce Planning to mitigate a Business Continuity Plan proactively, is now live on the company's website.

Kirk Laughlin, founder and Managing Director of Nearshore America's moderated the event and was joined by Stephen Clancy CCWP with Staffing Industry Analysts, who added depth of perspective on strategies for using Contingent Workforce Planning to proactively mitigate a Business Continuity Plan that may be deficient on the human component, Carol Delatte CBCP with Exeter Finance, who shared the perspective of a proven Business Continuity planner with more than 20 years of experience, and Mark Conard with R+L Carriers, who oversees their outsourced relationships and supply chain globally.

DATAMARK's webinar panelists discuss how the coronavirus caused a major paradigm shift with business leaders. Things that organizations once felt they could do without caused back-office processes to come to a halt and slowed recovery due to the lack of consideration of the human component.

"I believe past Business Continuity Plans have primarily focused on a particular asset, such as a building, but moving forward, we need to begin to incorporate the actual workforce structure that we currently operate," says Stephen Clancy, Senior Director of Contingent Workforce Strategies, Knowledge and Research at SIA. "Today's business operation models are incorporating more and more contingent workforce engagements from temporary staffing to full process outsourcing talent along with executing those engagements remotely. Consequently, there are new BCP structure and execution requirements that need to be planned for to effectively support this fast, evolving business operation model."

Carol Delatte, Senior Business Continuity Manager at Exeter Finance, notes that pandemics have always been a separate document aside from a Business Continuity Plan. And that by itself needs to be repaired moving forward as not many took the time to test the pandemic response phase. "As we've moved from the response phase of the pandemic to the recovery phase, it's essential to listen to industry experts discuss lessons learned to gain insights from multiple perspectives," Delatte says. "This webinar effectively discusses what to keep in mind when considering Business Continuity Planning in 2021 and onward." 

The webinar is part of the DATAMARK Insights Series, a free, digital, and interactive thought leadership program for forward-thinking business leaders. The collection includes a variety of whitepapers, case studies, and other educational materials covering topics ranging from efficiency through productivity, service, technology, and strategy. It's designed to help organizations gain and retain a competitive edge. 

Thom Mead