DataEthics4All Foundation Unveils the Ethics 1st AI Score, Ethics 1st AI Maturity Model Index and Ethics 1st AI Alliance: A New Standard for Ethical AI Practices

Ethics 1st AI Score(TM): A New Standard for Ethical AI Practices

DataEthics4All Foundation, a leading organization in promoting ethical data and AI usage, proudly announces the launch of the Ethics 1st AI ScoreTM, an unprecedented scoring system designed to gauge companies' commitment to ethical AI practices through the lens of their employees and customers.

Setting the Standard for Ethical AI Assessment

The Ethics 1st AI ScoreTM establishes a standardized methodology for assessing a company's ethical AI practices. It provides employees, customers, and stakeholders with a reliable and uniform way to gauge a company's ethical integrity and responsibility in the development and use of AI technologies.

ETHICS 1ST AI SCORETM: A Synthesis of Compliance and Trust

At the heart of the Ethics 1st AI Score lies a simple equation: ETHICS 1ST AI SCORETM = A SCORE OF COMPLIANCE + TRUST BY EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS. 

This innovative formula captures a company's adherence to regulatory compliance and the level of trust it has earned among its employees and customers. A high score signifies a strong commitment to ethical AI practices.

Strengthening Ethical Practices: Ethics 1st AI Maturity Model IndexTM

In addition to the Ethics 1st AI ScoreTM, DataEthics4All Foundation is thrilled to announce the Ethics 1st AI AllianceTM. This alliance brings together companies committed to ethical AI practices and offers them the opportunity to collaborate on the Ethics 1st AI MMITM —a first-of-its-kind benchmark designed to help companies assess and improve their ethical data and AI practices internally.

A Comprehensive Approach to Ethical AI

While the Ethics 1st AI ScoreTM provides a real-time measurement of a company's ethical standing as perceived by employees and customers, the Ethics 1st AI MMI acts as a roadmap for continuous improvement. By leveraging this holistic approach, companies can not only measure their current ethical AI practices but also identify areas for growth.

Join the Ethics 1st AI AllianceTM

DataEthics4All Foundation invites companies to join the Ethics 1st AI Alliance and be part of this groundbreaking movement towards ethical AI practices. By collaborating with industry peers, companies can exchange best practices, share insights, and collectively drive ethical AI that benefits businesses and society.

About DataEthics4All Foundation

DataEthics4All Foundation is a PBC dedicated to promoting ethical practices in data and AI. Through education, advocacy, and thought leadership, the foundation aims to create an ecosystem to build an Ethics 1st Data and AI World.

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About DataEthics4All Foundation

DataEthics4All Foundation is a Public Benefit Corporation. The Mission of DataEthics4All Foundation, a Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Certifying Organization is to Raise Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions and Build an Ethics 1st Data and AI World!

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