Data Tech Café Covers the Importance of Cybersecurity

Learn More About Cybercriminals in this Exclusive Interview from CISO at ICE, Steven

Data Tech Café, a managed services provider (MSP), is proud to partner with Marketopia's CMO, Andra Hedden, to hold an exclusive interview with CISO at ICE, Steven Pugh, to discuss the ever-rising issue of cybersecurity. 

Pugh sat down with Andra Hedden to discuss the best cybersecurity practices you can implement to keep your systems safe from cyberattack challenges in today's digital landscape. The team at Data Tech Café is proud to say that from this interview, you can learn the fundamentals, gather insight into the future of cyber protection and even come away with a safety plan fit for your tech business.

"If you can get the basics of security right, it puts you in a better position than most of your peers," proclaims Steven Pugh. "MSPs are in a really good position to provide the expertise and shore up those basic security controls that really have a profound impact across the board." 

Want to learn more about this informative interview? Check it out now. If you're ready to take your cybersecurity to the next level, visit our website, or schedule a meeting with Marvin Williams.  

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Source: Steven Pugh

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