Data Lineage Company MANTA Welcomes Two New Top Executives

MANTA Unified Lineage Platform

Tech company MANTA is proud to announce two new top-level executives: Ernie Ostic as SVP of Products and Reagan Evans as SVP of Revenue. MANTA provides top US banks and other Fortune 1000 companies with a unified platform to comprehend and leverage the flow of information (lineage) in their IT systems. Both Ernie and Reagan are joining the management team to accelerate MANTA's expansion in the US and worldwide.

Ernie Ostic is joining as Senior Vice President of Products after more than 14 years with IBM working in various roles in product management and technical sales. Ernie brings 30+ years of data integration and lineage background to MANTA with a simple goal: to provide guidance and infuse experience into MANTA's rapidly developing platform.

"MANTA is pushing a new vision of how to understand data and its movement through information systems," says Ernie Ostic, the new SVP of Products. "For me, it's a great opportunity to put my experience in enterprise data integration to use in support of this growing discipline."

Reagan Evans is starting at MANTA after more than eight years in another SaaS company, leaving the position of Regional Sales Vice President. His new role at MANTA is Senior Vice President of Revenue, and his primary objective is to enlarge the sales and pre-sales teams and secure MANTA's position as the lineage market leader in the metadata management space.

"I am thrilled to join MANTA at this key phase of its growth," adds Reagan Evans, the new SVP of Revenue. "My primary focus is to expand the outbound sales organization and build on the solid base of existing enterprise customers."

MANTA originally started as a niche data lineage solution built by a few engineers in Prague, Czech Republic, and eventually moved its headquarters to New York. Five years later, after successful investment rounds, MANTA has grown to be the central hub of all data flows, enabling digital transformation and saving significant resources in the process.

About MANTA: A Unified Platform for Lineage

Every organization uses data to stay relevant and competitive as it undergoes a constant digital transformation process. This process creates bigger and more complex systems with millions of dataflows, where trust in data is undermined, operational costs skyrocket, and every change has unpredictable consequences.

MANTA is the core of all dataflows in the organization, and with its lineage capabilities, it enables digital transformation. The self-service platform demonstrates the data journey in a way that is clear and easily understandable to those at all levels of the organization. MANTA lineage delivers actionable intelligence to boost governance efforts, accelerate development, shorten time-to-market, speed up the modernization process, ensure data quality, and enforce data security.

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