"Data Driven Cleaning Services" Closer to Reality with Intelligent Building IOT Solution

Zan Compute and QSI Facilities Partner to Realize Building IOT in Soft Services.

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Zan Compute Inc and QSI Facilities announced today that they have entered into a partnership agreement whereby QSI will handle the installation, configuration and maintenance of Zan Compute’s Sensor devices in the building IOT space.

Zan Compute’s smart building IOT solution applies advanced machine learning techniques for prediction and insights on data from customer sites. This requires proper installation and maintenance of Zan sensor devices. QSI Facilities, a leader in high-performance facilities maintenance, has significant experience and depth in this space with a network of over 50,000 network partners across North America.

“We are excited to partner with QSI Facilities to help us scale across North America and keep our customers satisfied. Our partnership with QSI will also enable Zan to address a pressing problem that is prevalent in the IOT space, which is the effective rollout and maintenance of sensor devices,” said Junaith Shahabdeen - CEO and Founder, Zan Compute Inc.

“We are thrilled to be supporting Zan Compute’s rollout of their sensor devices in the building IOT space.  We’ve developed extensive industry expertise and technology, specifically targeted to help our OEM clients seeking to not only offer great products, but also seamless installation and exceptional maintenance,” said Eric Crabb - EVP, QSI Facilities Inc.

Established in 2014, Zan Compute Inc. is a smart building IOT solutions company providing a Smart Facility Management Platform (SFMP) and offering end-to-end solutions. Zan’s sensors and SFMP are enabling next generation smart washrooms and revolutionizing the custodial service industry, by shifting it from a fixed-schedule based system to a predictive and demand-based system. SFMP is a predictive system that is constantly learning from Zan Sensors, monitoring regular objects like faucets/pipes, garbage bins, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers. The platform provides the necessary tools for trimming inefficiencies in the facility management space and improving the profitability for Zan’s customers.

Zan Compute’s platform has yielded more than 30% savings in custodial services at various facilities.

QSI Facilities was founded in 1997 and located in the nation’s heartland just outside of Wichita, Kansas. QSI has grown over the past two decades to become the nation’s top-performing provider of facilities maintenance and construction services. QSI clients include premier brands in the fields of retail, food service, industrial, manufacturing and commercial real estate. Our strong client and field partner relationships, loyal employees, no-nonsense work ethic and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) philosophy have all played a hand in how we’ve become the nation’s most reputable facilities management firm.

This partnership between Zan Compute and QSI will help realize building IOT soft services in scale.

Contact Information:

K. Sridharan (Sri), Chief Product Officer, Zan Compute Inc.
Email: ksridharan@zancompute.com
Cell: 408-464-1335

Eric Crabb, EVP, QSI Facilities
Email: ecrabb@qsifacilities.com
Cell: 713-824-5324

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