Data Destruction Announces Introduction of the NIST Protocols for Disk Wiping

Data Destruction Corporation is proud to announce the offering of a new protocol as outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST). Data Destruction has always been committed to offering their clients the most advanced of hard drive data wiping solutions for their company and personal electronic equipment.

Data Destruction understands that keeping pace with the developments of technology is essential for high-grade data sanitization services like theirs. They will be offering their clients advanced options that can effectively erase the data on flash memory-based storage drives such as Solid State Drives (SSDs). They understand why their clients would prefer to use SSDs given their reliability and power saving positives along with larger storage space and higher access speeds. 

Further, considering that SSDs are expensive and can cost around $52 to $81 for a 250GB, the company makes it possible for clients to reuse their devices after thorough sanitization. PC World estimates that in the year 2017, 42% of notebooks all over the world will be using SSDs in place of the common HDDs. In addition, where 79% of notebooks used hard disk drives in 2014, only 59% will be using them in 2017. This factor makes hard drive wiping solutions all the more essential.

Data Destruction will now be offering clients the best data wiping solution for a SSD - by way of encryption of the drive using complicated passphrases that are impossible to decode. They welcome you to try the services of their expert technicians that can conduct the data wiping under your supervision on your premises.

Data Destruction in one of the best IT asset disposal services in your city. And, clients have come to rely on their highly efficient pickup services. They will continue to offer to collect the materials from client offices and bring them back to their facility for secure hard drive wiping. As before, they will be providing the mandatory Certificate of Destruction. 

Clients needing hard drive data wiping solutions for their standard hard drives can continue to use Data Destruction as they have always done. 

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Source: Data Destruction Corporation

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