Dash Two, Music Ad Agency, and Record Label Fueled by Ramen, Featured in Facebook Advertising Success Story

Pedram Nikfarjam, Dash Two's Director of Digital Marketing, is featured in a new Facebook Success Story. Nikfarjam led the successful campaign to boost an emerging Dutch band to new listeners in the U.S. resulting in a 2X increase in music sales and a 4X increase in streams.

This effort to increase the fan base for Dutch alt pop act Chef’Special is an example of a strong collaboration between label and media buyer.

Indie label Fueled By Ramen wanted to reach millennial listeners in 12 alternative rock station markets in the States. They created video ads and hoped to increase streaming and downloads.

Dash Two helped them target millennial music fans on Facebook who showed interest in bands similar to Chef'Special's unique mix which includes elements of hip hop and reggae.

Pedram Nikfarjam described Dash Two's efforts:

Facebook advertising was a great tool to build a fan base, as it allowed us to bring music directly to the people. We ran video ads within potential fans’ News Feeds and created various audience lists to control who saw what, and even followed up with new videos to those who had seen our previous content."

Fueled by Ramen's video campaign included footage shot in cities where Chef'Special would be appearing. Dash Two used geo-specific targeting to make sure that potential fans would see ads shot in their area in both initial teaser clips and in follow-up videos.

This combination of targeting interests and locations followed by retargeting doubled downloads and quadrupled streaming of Chef'Special's music. It also helped build attendance at their shows and supported additional marketing efforts.

As Fueled By Ramen's Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Tim Davideit, explained:

"I was excited to get an awesome piece of content out to as many people as possible. Seeing the post blow up overnight was crazy. And then we watched it translate into increased sales and streams. Best of all, it gave the band a nice push in key US markets, which in turn helped create a story to bring to radio."

Source: Dash Two, Facebook


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