Darwin Ecosystem Announces Tanmay Bakshi, the World's Youngest IBM Watson Developer and Algorithm-ist, Joins Darwin Ecosystem Research and Development Team

Darwin Ecosystem, LLC (Darwin), an IBM Partner in cognitive technology, announces a collaboration with Tanmay Bakshi, the renowned thirteen year old IBM Watson developer and Algorithm-ist. This collaboration provides Tanmay the support of an organization invested in research and development, seeking to advance pattern detection through learning systems and organic algorithms.

Darwin’s research and development division has been collaborating with Tanmay and IBM on a groundbreaking project called “The Cognitive Story”. The project’s aim is to augmenting the communication of limited individuals by identifying electroencephalogram patterns that can teach a learning system, leveraging Darwin algorithms and IBM Watson services, to detect intentions and express them to people or systems. This initiative will be presented at IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas this Wednesday.

“Tanmay’s innate ability to understand data and models requires a freedom of movement and cadence that operates outside the boundaries of traditional education and organizations,” says Thierry Hubert, CEO of Darwin Ecosystem. “Darwin's research and development division operates in Tanmay’s home country, Canada. Consequently, this relationship offers an open, safe and flexible environment for Tanmay’s access to our resources, and allows him to engage with scientists and developers in a truly collaborative fashion, fueled by his desire to explore and experiment.”

Tanmay Bakshi is a Software/Cognitive Developer, Keynote Speaker, Algorithm-ist, IBM Champion for Cloud, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor and author of Hello Swift!  Tanmay is host of an IBM Facebook Live series called Watson Made Simple with Tanmay and has over 12,000 followers of his YouTube channel Tanmay Teaches, with a resolve to help 100,000 children and other beginners on their journey to innovate through coding. Tanmay supports initiatives like STEAM, Everyone Can Code, Girls Who Code and Kids Can Code. At the impressive young age of 9, his app tTables, which helps practice multiplication tables, was accepted into the iOS app store; at the age of 12, he presented one of his many algorithms, AskTanmay, the world’s first web-based NLQA (Natural Language Question Answering) System to be powered by IBM Watson, at IBM InterConnect 2016. Tanmay has been exploring and experimenting with cognitive computing and creating his own, custom-built Machine Learning algorithms in the fields of Audiology, Electroencephalogram Pattern Recognition and bridging numeric with image patterns.

“I am excited about joining Darwin and having a platform to experiment with ideas and technology with other developers and big thinkers,” explains Tanmay Bakshi. “I never imagined that my interest and passion in programming and artificial intelligence would lead so quickly to such an opportunity. I deeply enjoy learning and sharing my passion with my followers. Now I feel that with Darwin’s support and belief in my abilities, I will be able to take some of my ideas and algorithms to the next level.”

Mr. & Mrs. Bakshi elaborate on the Darwin collaboration with their son: “Teaming with Darwin offers Tanmay a new and broader opportunity, that accelerates his passion for and knowledge of artificial intelligence. Within this enriching and encouraging environment, Tanmay will continue to set his path and quest for knowledge, while retaining his independent talent, allowing him to be in control of his own destiny, pace and curiosity.”

As to the nature of cognitive technology research, Hubert sketches out a big picture. “Humans are who they are because of their innate ability to consume, correlate, and exchange large amounts of information through their senses. Since this ability is not unique to humans, our effort in demonstrating artificial intelligence needs to be broader, to create a sustainable cognitive learning system.” He suggests, “Let's think beyond transposing human cognitive attributes into digital systems. It would be far more natural to take an evolutionary approach that starts with a more simple and fundamental artificial intelligence, that includes an instinctive existential variable.”

Hubert further expands, “This postulate provides an explanation as to why Darwin is delighted to work with Tanmay -- his youth and abilities come with an unbiased and instinctive approach, that is unbounded by formalities and inducted knowledge. Quite frankly, Tanmay has the potential to think outside of the box in a manner that, I believe, might surprise us all.”

Darwin Ecosystem is a technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Boston, Massachusetts with a research and development division in Montréal, Canada. Darwin researches and develops cognitive solutions, many of them built on the IBM Bluemix Platform as a Service (PaaS), as well as technologies that improve the discovery, understanding and visualization of unstructured data to augment services and decisions for its clients. Darwin specializes in pattern detection, cognitive solutions and APIs revealing, detecting and alerting when the pattern changes.

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