Dark Heart Industries Launches Premium Cannabis Flower Line, Extending Its Legendary Genetics Brand

Dark Heart Industries (DHI) today announced the launch of a line of premium cannabis flower for retail consumers grown exclusively from Dark Heart genetics. The first batch of 3.5-gram flower jars of Blue Dream and Lemongrass were stocked on the shelves of select dispensaries on May 20.  The product lineup, including whole-flower pre-roll five-packs and premium jarred flower, will be made available across the California market beginning in June.

DHI’s consumer product line uniquely bridges the gap between breeder, grower, and consumer. “We want to give consumers the best of the most beloved cannabis strains grown by some of California’s finest farmers,” said DHI CEO Dan Grace. “We also want to introduce consumers to exciting new, and often rare, strains to explore and fall in love with.”

The premium flower line offers three distinct categories to meet consumer preferences. Dark Heart Legends delivers market-favorite strains restored to their original glory. Dark Heart Headstash offers new emerging strains destined to become modern classics. Finally, Dark Heart Breeder’s Choice are exotic, limited-edition offerings with spectacularly unique characteristics, selected directly from their breeding program. 

This consumer offering compliments the storied genetics sold to California growers and the plants DHI sells in dispensaries to retail customers. For the first time ever, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase live plants and high-quality flower of the strains they love most by the name they trust: Dark Heart.

Aundre Speciale of CBCB in Berkeley, one of California’s pioneering dispensaries, said, “We are proud to be a launch partner with Dark Heart for their new cannabis line. This union represents a long-standing relationship of legacy cannabis companies. It also underscores the value of commitment to the plant and a desire to provide the best products to the consumer that both companies share. We look forward to being a continuing part of the evolution of cannabis.”

Dark Heart Industries is a leading California-based cannabis genomics, diagnostics, and applied biotechnology company established in 2007. Its core mission is to provide disease-free, premium genetic material to customers. After opening the first tissue culture lab in Oakland, CA, Dark Heart diagnosed and cured hop-latent viroid (HpLVd), a pathogen that greatly reduces crop yields in cannabis. Today, the company is pioneering the cannabis “Green Revolution,” an effort to improve plant health, crop yields, and production efficiency through biotech, breeding and plant science research and development. Dark Heart's new facility is based in Half Moon Bay, CA. 



Source: Dark Heart Industries