DAO Charity Creating More Transparent, Effective Charity in Ukraine

Even a Small Donation Can Play a Role in the Story

What makes a charity truly effective? What does a trustworthy charity look like? The answer is not always simple. In the often murky world of philanthropy, however, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) offers an effective solution. Using blockchain technology, a modern charity can allow donors to track every cent given. 

One group that has fully embraced this transparent high-tech approach is DAO Charity. Started as a grassroots community of supporters, it is becoming a source of hope for people fighting for the freedom of Ukraine. Its mission is to connect the defence of the country and the international community through modern blockchain technology with real targeted donations. 

In the past month alone, DAO has collected more than $600,000 and already put over $300,000 directly into the hands of soldiers and families in need. All donated funds are publicly trackable. 

The Fight for Effective, Direct Charity 

Committed to full transparency, DAO Charity has just released its first report. The report offers an in-depth look at the journey of all funds donated. From tourniquets to backpacks, DAO accounts for each purchase and explains its purpose. Rather than simply announcing milestones, DAO Charity offers a behind-the-scenes look into its work. 

Working directly with the Ukrainian military, DAO Charity volunteers are on the streets daily. They are talking to local communities to identify the most urgently needed supplies. From army kits to medicine to household basics, the group is focused on its mission to enable soldiers to fight another day. 

What's Next for DAO Charity 

To boost donation amounts, DAO Charity is preparing an exclusive collection of 10,000 unique NFTs showcasing its "Freedom Warriors," modern fighters who are keeping the struggle for Ukraine alive. 

Supporters around the world will be able to explore history as it unfolds and support the cause by purchasing a piece of art. 

How People Can Help Ukraine 

More than just cash and supplies, the people of Ukraine need a voice. DAO Charity is working with everyone from business owners to social media influencers to raise awareness. They are on an urgent mission to alert everyone to the needs of the Ukrainian freedom fighters. They believe that anyone with an audience, whether it's a thousand people or a million, can save lives. 

Thanks to those who have already joined the mission as donors and volunteers. For newcomers, view the first report at DAOCharity.io

Nicci Mende
DAO Charity Press Office, Ukraine

Source: DAO Charity


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