Danville Metal Stamping Thrives With NX and Swoosh Technologies

Under the guidance and support of Swoosh Technologies, Danville Metal Stamping remains a leader in the turbine industry manufacturing component part for customers such as GE and Pratt & Whitney.

Danville Metal Stamping was founded in 1946 to produce a variety of metal components for the aerospace and gas turbine industries in Danville, Illinois. Over the past 65 years Danville Metal has grown from three employees to over 420 and provides their manufacturing services to industry leaders such as General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell and Rolls Royce just to name a few. Maintaining high-profile companies such as these requires Danville Metal to stay on top of the latest industry advancements and technology. In 1986, Danville Metal Stamping introduced NX (Unigraphics) into their daily operations with the adoption of UGE.7 and remains lifetime users.

Facing the Challenges

Within the rapidly changing turbine industry, Danville Metal must stay at the forefront of leading industry technology in all business aspects including the latest in CAD/CAM software. "It is very important to stay on top of the latest technologies to continue to support our customers. It's a facing challenge in today's industries and becomes necessary to have cutting-edge capabilities as well as trained engineers to back it up," said Tom Neal, VP of manufacturing at Danville Metal Stamping.

The growth in technology and innovation presents more complex parts for Danville Metal to design and manufacture. The advancements in NX helps Danville Metal's programmers get the most out of their CNC machines.

"As our component parts become more and more complex, the software must be able to keep up with these intricate developments," says Dave Holliday, CNC programmer at Danville Metal Stamping. "Precision is the key and NX gives us this capability."

According to Neal, the advancements in NX have saved hundreds of hours of design and machine time per die. The community behind NX has greatly helped in the success of Danville Metal. With the various user groups that surround the Siemens PLM product line, connecting with other users and seeking advice remains nearly effortless. The amount of support within the NX community is outstanding; overcoming obstacles and gaining usability knowledge creates a problem-solving network that exceeds other products of its kind.

"Simply put: NX makes things easier. The product goes beyond what is installed on the computer," claimed Craig Lewallen, CNC programmer at Danville Metal. "The user-groups, along with Swoosh Technologies' support, training, and dedication, continue to exceed our expectations."

Swoosh Technologies

"The guidance and knowledge of the Swoosh team is remarkable. From their on-going support and fast response to the customized training sessions, we could not ask for more," states Tom Neal. "Swoosh Technologies dynamically adds to the value of the software. They are always a phone call away and have the knowledge to assist with any obstacles." Swoosh Technologies continues to offer training and support of Siemens PLM software making the software more powerful in the hands of the user, like Danville Metal Stamping.

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