Dante Labs Offers EUR 850 Whole Genome Sequencing and Interpretation for the First Time in the World

The EUR 850 Whole Genome Sequencing by the global biotech company marks a historic step in the democratization of genetics

Dante Labs EUR 850 Whole Genome Sequencing

Dante Labs announced today the offer of whole genome sequencing (WGS) and interpretation at only EUR 850 (ca. $900). While American individuals have been able to access WGS at $1,000, this innovation marks the first time Europeans can access WGS below EUR 1,000.

The sequencing includes bioinformatics analysis and interpretation, which are crucial to leveraging genetic information to make informed decisions about disease monitoring, prevention, nutrition, exercise, health monitoring and more.

WGS is run at 30X coverage, which makes the achievement even more impressive.

Dante Labs has chosen a select list of partners to develop DNA sequencing services that are "accessible to everyone ... By leveraging only the world’s best genetic technologies, we ensure that our customers have access to the best in the world of genetics", says Dante Labs co-founder Andrea Riposati. "Genetics has seen tremendous developments in the last decade. Just think that the first whole genome sequencing cost north of $2.4 billion. For too long, only [a] few people could benefit from the impact of genetic research. It’s healthcare, so I say it is important [that] everyone benefits from it. The key to empower[ing] everyone with high-quality, advanced genetics is to decrease the price. By integrating in the value chain, removing unnecessary intermediaries, developing synergies with strategic partners and leveraging economies of scale, we are able to offer whole genome sequencing at only EUR 850".

Dante Labs offers a suite of direct-to-consumer DNA tests, including BRCA1 and BRCA2 sequencing, whole exome sequencing and common hereditary cancer testing.

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Source: Dante Labs Inc.


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