Dante Labs Launches Super Black Friday 2019, Because Genomics Should Not Be a Luxury

Dante Labs renewed its commitment to the annual Black Friday special offer so that more people will get access to affordable whole genome sequencing worldwide

Genomics should not be a luxury. As thousands of people worldwide experienced the transformative power of whole genome sequencing tests, this technology remains out of reach for some of the individuals who may need it the most. 

Dante Labs is providing the opportunity to sequence the entire genome for less than two hundred dollars — a fraction of the cost still charged by some clinics and hospitals worldwide. 

The whole genome sequencing is the most comprehensive genetic test, providing insights on a predisposition to health risks, reactions to drugs, personalized nutrition and diet. 

To take advantage of the Promotion:

Date: The offer will be valid, both in the U.S. and EU, until Cyber Monday, December 2. Customers can purchase Whole Genome Sequencing at USD 199/ EUR 169 for one week. Customers will also receive their raw data and a customized report without extra cost.


www.dantelabs.com (EU store)

us.dantelabs.com (U.S. store)

Amazon.com (U.S. Amazon Marketplace)


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