Dante Labs Launches #RareFebruary 2020 for Rare Disease Patients

Rare Disease Patients will receive Whole Genome Sequencing with Rare Disease Reports for $299 (€289). Patient Groups are encouraged to contact Dante Labs to develop personalized reports for their members (ex. Epilepsy Report for Epilepsy Groups).


Dante Labs announced today the RareFebruary Initiative with a special offering of whole genome sequencing, data interpretation and personalized reports for all Rare Disease Patients worldwide. 

The offering includes Whole Genome Sequencing 30X on Illumina Novaseq6000 technology, data interpretation and personalized reports covering Rare Diseases.

"Helping rare disease patients is what we are most proud of," says Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati. "Whole genome sequencing has the power to end diagnostic odyssey cases. The rare disease community is an inspiring force for everyone at Dante Labs and motivates us to provide more and more insights in a shorter time."

Patient Advocacy Groups are encouraged to contact Dante Labs to partner directly and develop customized reports that will maximize the benefits for the patients in their group. Dante Labs has sequenced thousands of genomes of rare disease patients, providing an invaluable tool to individuals and their doctors.

Testing will be performed in Dante Labs' new state-of-the-art sequencing center in Italy, offering GDPR privacy protection to individuals also outside of Europe.

Genetic counseling will be available for an additional fee ($149) for people who wish to speak with a genetic counselor after the test.

To qualify, patients simply need to upload their diagnosis after their order is placed. The offering is reserved to rare disease patients. Standard users will still benefit from a special discounted price ($499/€499). 


Francesca Tarquinio

Source: Dante Labs


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