Dante Labs Launches Most-Affordable, Pan-European Coronavirus Tests for Current Infection (PCR Swab) and Antibodies

Dante Labs announced its new pan-European, COVID-19 tests for both antibodies and current infection with at-home collection kits and premium medical shipping - to help 300 million Europeans get back to normal life.

Dante Labs COVID-19 Tests

Dante Labs announced today two new premium COVID-19 testing solutions, to identify antibodies and current infection (PCR swab) at affordable prices, to help people get back to normal life. 

Each test costs 99 euros, including two-way premium one-day medical shipping, at-home sample collection kit and digital results within 48 hours.

The two tests have received the CE-IVD mark and are run on premium lab automation, PCR and molecular instruments and equipment.

"We want to protect people from bad technologies and bad prices," announced Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati, "while increasing testing capacity dramatically. You hear stories about people having to pay hundreds of euros for low-quality tests and then having to wait days before getting their results."

Dante Labs released premium tests, based on validated, certified technologies, with premium shipping and add-on services, at affordable prices.

There is a shortage of tests and answers all over Europe, and European individuals are in the dark. 

The test is available in Europe and worldwide, except Italy, the US and Canada.

Dante Labs leveraged its existing technology developed for whole genome sequencing and interpretation to quickly scale up a high-capacity, highly automated testing solution for both current infection and antibodies for COVID-19. 


Francesca Tarquinio


Source: Dante Labs