Daniel Burkhoff Kicks Off InsideScientific Webinar Series on Pressure-Volume Loops to Assess Cardiac Function

InsideScientific hosted a two-part lecture series with Dr. Daniel Burkhoff where he emphasized the importance of pressure-volume loop analysis when studying cardiac function.

InsideScientific.com, an online educational environment for Life Science Researchers, recently celebrated the successful start to their webinar series focused on 'Pressure-Volume (PV) Loops to Assess Cardiac Function'. Dr. Daniel Burkhoff, Founder of PVLoops, LLC and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University in New York, kicked off the series with a two-part mini lecture emphasizing the importance and virtues of assessing cardiac performance and hemodynamics through an approach based on analyzing pressure-volume loops.

During his first lecture on February 27, 2014, Dr. Burkhoff reviewed basic physiological principles such as preload, afterload, contractility and lusitropy and discussed how these concepts apply to pressure-volume loop analysis. During the second lecture on March 20, 2014, Dr. Burkhoff took a more in-depth approach to the analysis of data and highlighted some often-overlooked and misunderstood statistical concepts that if not properly applied can have a profound impact on results. Dr. Burkhoff's passion for PV Loops led him to develop an interactive simulation-based digital textbook of cardiovascular physiology and hemodynamics, which is available for individuals to download from the Apple App Store. Harvi, as the applicaiton is called, is also being adopted as a hands-on interactive learning tool by a growing number of prestigious medical schools as an alternative to having students participate in live animal laboratories.

InsideScientific has additional events planned as part of the pressure-volume loop WebSeries. Future webinars will focus on various applications for pressure-volume loops in both the preclinical research setting - academia, pharmaceutical drug discovery and safety pharmacology, medical device testing and validation - and also in the clinical environment where PV Loops can better assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular pathologies. These online seminars will also focus on specific technologies and ancillary products available that improve upon the quality of data collected and that provide increased confidence in published results. Sponsors of the series include, Transonic Systems, Millar Instruments and Indus Instruments.

A copy of the presentation slides, Q&A reports and video of Dr. Burkhoff's presentations can be downloaded from InsideScientific at: http://www.insidescientific.com/events/past-events

More information about the Harvi application is available at PVLoops LLC at http://www.pvloops.com

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