Dancer Earns World First PhD - In Burlesque!

One of the world's top tier burlesque dancers has become the first to perform the vintage art for a Doctorate of Philosophy

Lola The Vamp has become the first dancer to perform the art of burlesque for her PhD in a project lauded as 'showing real bravery and originality'. Her acts, famed for referencing both burlesque history and high arts, were an integral part of her degree submission, 'working at a very advanced level and developing practice skills with originality and sophistication'. She graduates with no revisions required - a rare coup in academia. 'By going beyond the exploitation/empowerment binary and placing her work in the aesthetic discipline required for a number of traditional forms (mask, ballet, bodily inscription, the manipulation of fetishes, the candidate moves the discussion about burlesque along and places it deep in our growing understanding of performance as a dynamic interplay between communicative craft and audience expectation'.

Lola has been performing burlesque since her debut as an auditionee for Dita Von Teese in 2002. She pioneered the return of the vintage art in her home country of Australia and regularly headlines the world's top burlesque events. Lola supported Nick Cave and Grinderman on their 2007 Australian tour. Nick Cave described her show as 'beautiful'. The Age described her shows as possessing 'a highly developed aesthetic and a sly wit, super without ever being tawdry, Lola is in a league of her own'.

Her PhD comprised of a written thesis and a creative component which included her performances. These combined creative degrees are relatively new for post-graduate degrees. Two independent assessors from different universities gave their feedback on the submission.

Of course, now the central question is, what DID she west beneath her graduation gown? Winkeyface.

Lola Montgomery
Lola The Vamp
Qld, Australia 4218