Dana Ball Legal Services Announces Rebrand to Avanta Small Business Law

Avanta strives to give clients an advantage in the legal field by dealing with the complexities of business law like business formation and contracts, without flooding clients with complicated jargon.

Avanta Small Business Law (previously Dana Ball Legal Services), an entrepreneurial legal firm, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The goal of Avanta is to expand and reach more small businesses. Avanta understands the legal hurdles that business owners and entrepreneurs face and always strives to act in their best interests.

Avanta is the entrepreneur's legal firm and strives to understand the unique pressures clients face so that they can tailor solutions to their needs. The Avanta team is grateful for everyone who has supported their business throughout this change in branding. The team wants to ensure current and future clients that the legal services provided by Avanta will reach and exceed the quality of service given during their time as Dana Ball Legal Services. Everyone at Avanta is exceedingly grateful for the support given during this change and they hope that clients will continue along on this journey to help more small business owners feel confident in their legal support. Dana Ball, Small Business Attorney and CEO of Avanta, says, "We have seen too many good business owners end up in bad situations. Protecting your business doesn't need to be complicated. Avanta offers small business legal support services, including: (1) Plain language contracts; (2) LLC formation with maintenance assistance; and (3) HR Compliance."

About Avanta Small Business Law

Avanta is the "advantage" for a small business. This new brand communicates the relief that can be provided to small business owners so they are free to focus on their day-to-day. Focusing on simplicity controls surprises and helps avoid mistakes being made. Avanta focuses on serving entrepreneurs with reliable expertise, clear guidance, and well-drafted documents so clients will be confident that their business is secure.

Avanta will continue the services provided by Dana Ball Legal Services, including Business Entity Formation & Maintenance, HR Compliance, and Plain Language Contracts.

Visit avantabizlaw.com to explore the new website and brand.

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Avanta is a small business legal firm that specializes in business entity formation, HR compliance, and plain language contracts. We are the happy medium between Legal Zoom and other typical law firms by giving clients efficient and customized services that include consultation time with their own experienced business attorney.

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