Dallas Firm Revolutionizes Print Industry Through People and Planet-based Solutions

TechSource360 plans to save 150,000 trees by effectively changing the way people in business print

TechSource360, a world class business technology solutions provider, reveals its plans to conserve more than 150,000 trees through its distinct print services programs. TechSource360 partners with firms interested in eliminating wasteful print output and related expense by revolutionizing the way people in business print. Through their data-driven strategy and expeditious approach, the company provides clients immediate reductions to cost while substantially reducing their carbon footprint.

U.S. companies alone consume 5.4 million tons of paper per year; the equivalence of 135,000,000 trees. According to the EPA, paper is the leading source of office waste. The average printer cartridge takes three gallons of oil to produce, and if it's not recycled, can take more than 1,000 years for it to decompose in a landfill.

"We take an immense amount of pride in helping businesses become more efficient, both operationally and with respect to the environment," said Mark Kehoe, president and founder of TechSource360. "Our model is unique in that we help clients recover large amounts of money, most of which, they never realized was being spent on print in the first place, and set forth eco-friendly initiatives at the same time. It's inherently rewarding to implement sustainability programs that won't break the client's bank."

Printing is also the largest unaudited expense in business today, consuming 1-3 percent of a company's annual revenue. Additionally, most organizations employ multiple vendors for hardware, service, support and supplies, making it increasingly difficult for cost-conscious executives to identify true print spend. Through an infrastructure complete with automated data-mining and strategic analysis, TechSource360 makes this daunting task seamless and integrative, even in the most complex print environments.

While wasteful printing wreaks havoc throughout an organization, employee productivity is most adversely affected. On average, 10 percent of all print jobs originate from a web-browser, more than half of which are printed using color ink, 5-10 times the cost of black ink alone.

"Our goal is to sustainably change inefficient behaviors to eliminate waste. This has to start at the end-user level," explained Kehoe. "TechSource360 is completely "service-based. We don't sell hardware or engage in 'preferred vendor' relationships, and that will never be a priority for our organization. Our goal is to tangibly decrease the cost and environmental impacts of printing. Since people are at the core of every print process, we begin with behavioral changes. Ongoing assessment increases a client's savings opportunity, as we routinely refer to the real-time data to drive purchasing decisions, optimize business processes, and so forth. In short, we take the guess-work out of print related processes and therein remains a tremendous savings opportunity that will increase exponentially year after year."

About Tech Source 360
TechSource360 is a world-class, service-based provider of managed print solutions. Utilizing state-of-the-art software and hardware in addition to skilled account analysts and more than 25 years of industry experience, TechSource360 effectively works with firms interested in eliminating wasteful print output and related expenses by revolutionizing the way people in business print. Through data analytics and strategic optimization, TechSource360 provides a full-scope of all-encompassing solutions designed to eliminate waste, reduce the environmental impact of print, strengthen the integrity of document security and transmission and optimize related business processes. TechSource360 is headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and has offices in Chesterfield, Mo. and Inman, S.C. For more information, call 866.432.9775 or visit www.techsource360.com.