Dallas Counseling Services in High Demand, Due to Poor Student Mental-Health

An increase in mental health disorders amongst Texan students means Dallas Counseling group 'LifeWorks Group P.A'. is operating at full capacity

Ft. Worth, TX May 1, 2010 - Falling standards of mental health in students of Universities in the state of Texas are causing increased pressure on Ft Worth counseling organizations such as 'LifeWorks Group P.A'. Universities and Ft Worth psychotherapist (http://www.lifeworkscounseling.net/ftworth) groups are reporting high numbers of young adults who suffer with depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

According to the University of Texas in Dallas, there has been a 32% increase in the number of their students seeking counseling over the past half a decade. This is not simply due to an increase in the number of students either, as enrollment growth reached just 8.9%. Luckily for these students, LifeWorks Group P.A offers uniquely creative Ft Worth counseling services, covering a huge range of problems, from family counseling and parenting issues, to chemical dependency, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

"Every Ft Worth counselor (http://www.lifeworkscounseling.net/ftworth) at LifeWorks has a creative background that they apply to their work." says a counselor at Lifeworks Counseling. "No case is ever the same as another, so using a musical, theatrical or artistic approach for each helps to treat people as individuals, rather than as products of their disorder or type of problem."

LifeWorks Group P.A was established in Dallas, Fort Worth in early 2000 where it soon recruited an open-minded and creatively led Ft Worth counseling team. By employing a different approach to therapy - such as working with more than one counselor at a time, introducing animals and celebrating when someone makes a breakthrough - the number of visitors they had began to increase.

Today, each Ft Worth psychotherapist at LifeWorks Group P.A finds themselves almost overwhelmed by the number of young adults and in particular college and university students coming through their doors. Yet due to their creative and somewhat unusual approach to what can be a dark and terrifying experience, LifeWorks' Ft Worth counseling services (http://www.lifeworkscounseling.net/ftworth) seem to work very well with this young and troubled age group.

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