Dallas Company Caught in Bathroom Controversy Crossfire

Manufacturer of printed urinal screens working overtime to meet demand due to bathroom controversy

Recently, politics and controversy have intersected in public bathrooms across America and a division of Dallas-based Whitson Wells is well positioned to reap big rewards with their unique custom product that is rarely pictured on the evening news. Their aim is to be #1 in this unique category of political merchandise.

The company manufactures (made in the USA) printed urinal screens under the URL and name of (no joke) MVPee.com for the millions of urinals located in stadiums, office buildings and restaurants across America. While MVPee.com’s urinal screens with images of political candidates and rival sports teams always sell well, urinal screens with pro and con HB2 bathroom messages have been keeping this Dallas based company busy, ever since the bill was signed into law. One (con HB2) version  has an image of North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory with the  words, "Repeal HB2." The other (pro HB2) has a "box" to check  with the words "Check Box in Yellow if you want Obama to get out of your bathroom."  While a majority of these urinal screens are selling into North Carolina, MVPee.com reports that these urinal screens have sold briskly from New York to Georgia to California.

Robert Weinberg, Managing Director of parent company Whitson Wells, declined to discuss specific sales figures, other than to say that his employees have been working overtime to keep up with demand.

Robert Weinberg, Managing Director

MVPee.com urinal screens have been used successfully:

·         For designated driver/alcohol abuse awareness campaigns

·         On college campuses to promote sexual assault awareness

·         For AIDS prevention campaigns

·         To encourage men to wear life preservers on area lakes

·         For men’s health initiatives (getting a check up/prostate awareness)

MVPee.com started business by printing urinal screens with an image of Osama Bin Laden. The urinal screen was later updated with the tagline, "Rest in Pee." 

Source: Whitson Wells

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