Dallas-based Chiropractor Dr. Courtney Gowin Opens The Nest to Give New Moms and Newborns a Successful Beginning

Dr. Courtney Gowin with a patient

Now at Free to Be Chiropractic in Dallas, Dr. Courtney Gowin and her team have opened The Nest to focus on creating a unique motherhood journey for patients by asking the tough questions. "Where has our tribe gone?", "Why are our postpartum depression rates skyrocketing?", "Why are babies not making it to their first birthday?"

While there's been a shift in the healthcare industry towards a more collaborative wellness approach that positively affects birth outcomes, her professional and personal experience tells her that these outcomes are preventable if women can receive more support throughout their pregnancy.

Dr. Gowin realized the answer to all these questions after her own struggle with postpartum depression following the birth of her first daughter.

"I was completely alone in a new, very vulnerable time in my life," said the mother of now three daughters, ages 2, 4 and 6.

It was through this experience that another business was born to develop the sense of community that was sorely lacking. After two years in practice, Dr. Gowin clearly saw the void within this community and created The NEST, a place where expecting and postpartum women are embraced by their peers.

"I promised myself that this would be a space where no other woman would have to walk alone through her pregnancy and into motherhood," said Dr. Gowin.

While Free to Be Chiropractic specializes in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, it is the community of The NEST that truly sets this practice apart from others, bringing the best birth and wellness practitioners in Dallas under one roof.

Along with chiropractic care, The NEST offers pregnancy-focused massage therapy, prenatal acupuncture, functional nutrition, pelvic floor physical therapy, homeopathy, energetic healing, midwifery services and beauty services for the ultimate pampered experience.

"This curated motherhood journey takes a mother from preconception to postpartum completely supported and educated in a holistic approach," Dr. Gowin said. "Many of our clients are thriving in the motherhood journey and have the support they need readily available to them when things get hard."

Another distinctive aspect of The NEST and their community is that it offers a place for women-owned companies to grow and flourish and has personally helped many women begin and grow their small businesses under her roof.

The NEST isn't just a place for women to find their tribe during motherhood, but an authentic community of women doing life and business together with classes and events designed with the goals of families in mind.

Consistent support during pregnancy along with regular chiropractic adjustments can have a powerful impact on birth outcomes. Dr. Gowin specializes in natural birth preparation, breech presentation, natural healing, remedies during pregnancy and into childhood, as well as VBAC preparation.

For more information on family chiropractic care or about The Nest, visit: www.freetobechiropractic.com, or email dr.gowin@freetobechiropractic.com.

Source: Free to Be Chiropractic


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