Daily Harvest Designs Releases the Herb Garden Collection: Innovative New Instant Download Garden Designs

The Herb Garden Collection is custom quality garden designs created so that you can start your garden project immediately. The designs include a garden plan, plant lists, instructions, pro design tips, and much more. Designs feature up to 40 different kinds of plant species, including herbs, edible flowers, and leafy greens

The Herb Garden Collection

Landscape designer Rachel Belida from Daily Harvest Designs is releasing the brand new Herb Garden Collection tomorrow. Each custom designed garden in this collection is hand-drawn by Rachel and is available for immediate download. 

Daily Harvest Designs is known for helping Portland area clients design edible, medicinal, and NW native gardens so they can increase their food production, experience the healing powers of nature, and support local habitats.

For the first time, Rachel has created an entire product line of herb garden designs available in- and outside of the Portland area. The new Herb Garden Collection is scheduled to go live June 7.

The collection will be exclusively sold on the website dailyharvestdesigns.com where the design packages are scheduled to sell out by the end of the gardening season.

The designs are created to showcase unique, beautiful, and functional herb gardens within the landscape that make property owners feel as though they were professional landscape designers.

All designs feature commonly used kitchen herbs that support clients’ daily cooking habits.

Some herb garden designs are more complex and feature edible flowers, herbal tea, and leafy greens, which means clients will be able to plant more than just an herb garden.

Rachel’s collection also includes a 15-minute virtual design consultation to provide one-on-one support for clients, no matter their location.

Each individual garden design has its own name. A few examples are: 

    •    The Lavender Design
    •    The Rosemary Design
    •    The Chamomile Design
    •    The Violet Design
    •    The Cilantro Design

The Herb Garden Collection ranges in price from $25 to $55.

Rachel is excited to welcome her fans to the new instant download designs they’ve been requesting.

Source: Daily Harvest Designs

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