DAC Technology Introduces Boost: The World's Most Portable Fully Digital Earphone

DAC Technology has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new revolutionary earphone design. With a high quality built-in digital to audio converter and earphone amplifier, Boost uses the digital signal directly from the Lightning connector on iPhones or USB on Android devices for better sound.

Traditionally, to get the highest quality audio from portable devices, people would need to bring along an external digital to audio converters to hook up earphones to their music players. This tends to be cumbersome and bulky, not to mention prohibitively expensive due to the niche nature of the market.

Now, DAC Technology introduces an elegant solution for this problem with Boost, the fully digital earphone with it's own built in DAC and high powered amplifier to deliver the best audio while on the go at only a fraction of the cost of other comparable earphone and DAC combinations.

With Boost, we've created the world's most portable hi-fi audio experience.

Arnold Hsiao, CEO at DAC Technology

Boost is compatible with all devices from iPhones with a Lightning Connector port to a plethora of flagship Android devices to provide the option of higher quality audio for the masses.

To garner more interest and to provide a lower than retail price option for early backers, DAC Technology has launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to ensure a good entry position into the market. The options for Boost starts at $50 and will provide a better audio experience than any competing audio solutions near that price point.

For more information visit the Kickstarter campaign for Boost by DAC Technology.

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About DAC Technology

DAC Technology is a company that focuses on delivering a top end and affordable audio experience.