D-Day for Democrats and Republicans - Clinton Banned Radio Talk Host Returns to Start "America First" Political Party

Mike Wiley was there with Perot in 1992 leading the charge for "America First" populism. In 1994, after leading the largest rally in Florida history to defeat Hillary Clinton gun control, Mike Wiley entered the Democratic Primary for US Senate with his "America First" pro-jobs, anti-NAFTA campaign and after his removal from the Boston air waves by the Hillary Clinton FCC in Sept 1995, Mike Wiley was asked to join the "Buchanan for President" America First campaign as Mass spokesperson.

Since Feb. 1991, Mike Wiley a Boston Son of Liberty has been speaking out against government corruption on and off the radio dial.  Three years after his birth in Orlando Talk Radio, Mike Wiley aroused Florida gun owners to stand up and fight the Hillary Clinton Gun Control bill known as HB-241 already sponsored by 32 Progressive Democrats, just weeks away from passage. Only a Left Wing Extremist in the White House could engineer such a bill so dangerous that even local law enforcement were to be disarmed.

Millennials were too young to remember those days with the Clinton Reign of Terror from 1993 to 1996, but Former Radio Talk Show Host and Florida Democratic US Senate Candidate Mike Wiley documents those days of militant socialism and Far Left media bias in his book; "The Diary of Hillary's Right Wing Conspirator".  http://bit.ly/228tvym

"Ask not what Marxist Democrats can do to you, act on what you can do to stop Marxist Democrats"

Mike Wiley, Executive Director of the Jacksonian Populist Party

Those holding Teddy Bears in 1993, won't recall Hillary Health Care, where there were more penalties and jail time( 5 years for going to the wrong doctor) stuffed in her Health Care Debacle than the crime bill that Democrats were busy fashioning to control inner city blacks who would not be able to find work with the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA).

When Wiley started his Patriot Radio Network in Orlando in 1993, he was approached by a small band of Orlando Libertarians and invited to join the rabble of rebels, two of whom would later be involved in a gun battle with an overzealous Alabama Deputy Sheriff and die in prison.

Wiley regrets misplacing the letters he would receive from Linda, while she awaited the death sentence for shooting the Deputy Sheriff when he got into a gun battle with her husband George; who was as ferocious as Mickey Mouse and just sitting in a car minding his own business when all hell broke loose.  It was a crime in Alabama then to protect your spouse from being killed.

In Linda's letters she never gave up the hope that Liberty would find its way to Alabama and if there was anyone who would buck the system to get her free, it would be me.  The Patriot Radio Talk Show Host who led the charge to defend the Second Amendment against long odds in the Florida House when the National Marxist Democrats(Progressives) led by the Dowager Hillary Clinton, would try to take guns away from a free people.

Never did I realize that when I began to call out on radio, "I am going to Tallahassee(Florida state capitol), who is coming with me?" That 7,500 Free Americans with American Flags would join me on the steps of the Capitol for a day Patriots and Gun Owners all across the land should recognize as a National Holiday.  For it was the first true battle won by Americans in the "Clinton War on America"

NAFTA was an ingenious Globalist plot to reverse the annual trade surpluses the United States of America enjoyed with Mexico and Canada to annual trade deficits.  This plan would allow Japanese companies to invest in Mexico instead of the United States to build small fuel efficient cars and then ship them to the USA without tariffs. It would also open the door for US companies to move manufacturing plants to Mexico and turn the tide against illegal immigration, when in reality it only created more American unemployment and did nothing to stop the flow of illegals into the United States. NAFTA would become the cornerstone for the Wiley, Buchanan and Trump campaigns.

Progressive Internationalist Democrats had made the decision to deny the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King by supporting the Environment over Jobs, and Control over Freedom with their plans for Health Control, Urban Crime Control and of course Suburban Gun Control. Enter Mike Wiley; Orlando Radio Talk Show Host.

You know how the story goes, Mike Wiley a mild mannered talk show host from a great Metropolitan Media Outlet, yada yada, yada, gets a phone call from a concerned listener to his Night Time show on Real Radio 104.1 FM in Orlando.  Unbeknown to Wiley he is about to become one of Hillary Rodham Clinton's roadblocks to her Future Presidency.

The Libertarian Party Leadership has had more failures in the past forty years than Hillary Rodham Clinton.  If Linda had some how survived and became Chairman of the Libertarian Party, they would have some seats in the Halls of Congress. Linda was a fire breathing Patriot, whose only crimes were not obeying illegal laws established by corrupt politicians.

The Tea Party movement of 2010, like the United We Stand movement of 1992, failed for the same reason; Incompetent and selfish leadership, who forgot what the mission was once the TV camera lights hit their face. 

In 1994, the Mike Wiley for US Senate Campaign with only $20,000 in a state the size of Florida had no chance for victory with his 1% showing in the polls in May 21, 1994,.

Bill and Hillary felt safe that Incumbent Senator Republican Sellout Connie Mack would win re-election easily against Hillary's brother Hugh which polls showed him losing by a 70 to 30% drubbing and they could stay tucked away in the White House to concentrate on more ingenious methods to control the American people.

However, as a radio talk show host and the son and grandson of Teamsters, the Blue Collar Graduate of Bentley University, figured out the coalition for victory in America;  Inner City Blacks; tired of the Democratic Plantation Politics designed to keep them wanting, Teamsters; and other private Unions who need a Capitalist system to provide good paying jobs, Small business owners; who need employed people with disposable income to purchase their goods and services and a reprieve from corrupt tax policies that siphon their hard work from their homes and Gun Owners; who know the real enemy of America is the Marxist who wants to take away their guns.

Wiley was successful in fashioning this coalition of Americans and the Clinton White House was watching.  You would think that since Wiley was a Democrat, the Democratic Party leadership(Bill and Hill) would be enthralled with Wiley's success. They weren't, they feared it.

Mike Wiley went from 1% in the polls to 25% taking second out of four candidates in just three months and forced a runoff with the abandoned brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  With polls showing Wiley defeating Republican incumbent Senator Connie Mack, Hillary Clinton fought for herself and not the Democrats and first tried to buy Wiley out of the campaign.  When Wiley refused the three pronged bribe, he was immediately attacked as an "Anti-Semitic" Jew. A reporter for the Tampa Tribune threaten to write a false story about Wiley being a Child Molester. Wiley refused to drop out forcing Hillary to come out of the White House and campaign for her brother who was a farce in his own mind and someone the Clinton's wanted to steer clear from, but Wiley could not be allowed to win the US Senate race in Florida.

Twenty two years later,  Billionaire Donald Trump would hit upon the same issues that Wiley's Coalition thrive on and you would think that the Republican Leadership would be enthralled with Trump's success. They aren't and they fear it.  Donald J Trump can't be allowed to win the Presidency.  The Elites can never give up power to the people.

While they realized they had to go along with Trump now or face another Clinton Disaster, odds are that once Trump is in the White House Republican Elitists(Whigs), will try to fashion Trump into an Obama like puppet.

Enter once again Mike Wiley:  Wiley whose own 2016 Presidential run was in the works to battle the Far Left in the Democratic Party, launched his latest book in audio format called; "DAY ONE - From Redcoats to Red Ink" - America elects a Libertarian Capitalist to the Presidencyhttp://bit.ly/21Mdjky 

Wiley foresaw the damage Obama was hired to do in 2008, when he started the Alliance of Free States. After eight years of Marxist destruction, Wiley knew the Far Left which now completely controls the Democratic Party, would try to play the Soviet game of the need for a Reformer, who would continue the successful policies which destroyed the economy but go further to make sure America turns into a strong Venezuela.

Wiley recognized that the only way to save America was to get the Wiley Coalition from 1994 back in the fold and that a Libertarian Capitalist or Populist was required.  No one in the Trump campaign has recognized Trump as a Libertarian Capitalist, but when you look at most of his positions they fall right in line.

This is why the Conservatives had a problem with Trump's Libertarian side and Labor Democrats had problems with Trump's Capitalist side. As both wings began to understand Trump as the campaign went on they recognized what I have called for in my 1994 Campaign, Buchanan in his 1996 campaign and what I presented in "Day One".

If you take the best of the Democratic Party which is "Blue Collar Labor" and you take the best of the Libertarian Party which is the "Constitution" and you take the best of the Republican Party which is "Free Enterprise Capitalism", you have yourself the Party of Andrew Jackson in 1823. The Party today is called the Jacksonian Populist Party.

The Party of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, John F Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King,  Ronald Reagan,  Ross Perot, Mike Wiley, Pat Buchanan, Herman Cain and in 2016 Donald J Trump and Dr. Ben Carson is the Jacksonian Populist Party.

If you merely envision Trump on  a horse barking orders to his followers preparing for the Battle of New Orleans, you will come to recognize that the spirit and gumption of General Andrew Jackson has returned to save America and make America Great Again in the body and soul of Donald J Trump; Libertarian Capitalist and now Jacksonian Populist.

Mike Wiley; Businessman, Author, Radio Talk Show Host, US Senate Candidate, Presidential Campaign Spokesperson, Presidential Candidate, Libertarian, Democrat and Republican and now Executive Director of the Jacksonian Populist Party is ready to arm the Populist Wing of the Trump Campaign, with an insightful perspective on America, Past Present and Future and how the average American can get off their ass and get to work.

The interview you have been waiting for in this #Election2016 is now available by calling 702-817-9733 to book Mike Wiley.

Hillary Clinton is a nightmare America never wants to wake up to or go to bed with.  Only you can prevent Marxist Fascism!

Source: Jacksonian Populist Party

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