Cypherpath Announces the Launch of Their SDI OS™ for AWS to Deliver the Company's Innovation in Cyber Resiliency Using the Broadest Portfolio of Cloud Services

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​Cypherpath, a leader in cyber resiliency solutions, today announced that its Software Defined Infrastructure Operating System (SDI OS) now supports running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) I3 instances.

Cypherpath’s enterprise customers now have the ability to rapidly build, operate, and deploy holistic cyber environments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Under this new capability, Cypherpath’s customers can leverage the power of AWS to build and move cyber environments of virtually any size to any location, on demand. The Cypherpath solution is also designed to provide the needed simplicity for secure life-cycle management of the complete infrastructure.

As an AWS Partner Network (APN) member, Cypherpath can help customers build, deploy, and manage resilient cyber environments on AWS. “We worked closely with AWS to deliver the Cypherpath SDI OS on AWS to offer holistic cyber environments particularly for cyber resiliency and cyber range use cases,” said Steve Silva, CTO and founder at Cypherpath.

Cypherpath SDI OS is one of the world’s leading platforms for cyber resiliency and risk mitigation, delivering scalable and resilient cyber environments anywhere. Building a scalable, in-house cyber resiliency platform with Cypherpath SDI OS will reduce costs, streamline preparation, and reduce system downtime. Cypherpath abstracts the underlying infrastructure (compute, network, and storage) from applications and cloud environments, making it easy to configure and enhance utilization of the bare metal infrastructure.

“Our customers are looking for the agility and portability needed to scale their businesses, particularly for cyber range use cases,” said Danial Faizullabhoy, CEO of Cypherpath. “With Cypherpath’s SDI OS, enterprises are building cyber ranges that can prepare, adapt, withstand, and recover cyber events resulting in risk mitigation.” 

An entire cyber environment can be provisioned on AWS EC2 I3 instances with only a single click on the underlying bare metal infrastructure. It is easily copied and replicated in order to deploy multiple instances of the same environment, on the same bare metal infrastructure, or be moved to different locations altogether. 

Cypherpath cyber environments can be copied and stored to create backups as needed. By implementing Cypherpath’s approach on AWS bare metal infrastructure, customers can provision their cyber range environments and scenarios on demand with little to no specialized IT skills.  

About Cypherpath 

Cypherpath delivers resilient cyber environments to enterprises with Cypherpath SDI OS™ (Software Defined Infrastructure) by placing machines, networks, storage, and apps into self-contained software-defined workloads. Using a unique SDI architecture, customers can deliver cyber environments rapidly at any time and anywhere on just a few servers or scale to thousands. Leveraging a patented layer of abstraction and automation, Cypherpath builds, operates, and deploys reliable cyber environments, enabling enterprises to increase their cyber resilience. SDI OS enables IT leaders and cybersecurity teams to choose how to create and manage their cyber environments cost-effectively, and without architecture or infrastructure lock-in. Learn more at

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