Cyclonis Launches a Free Password Management Solution That Stores, Organizes & Encrypts Sensitive Data

Cyclonis Password Manager, a free, easy-to-use password management solution, stores website usernames and passwords, profile information and private notes in an encrypted personal vault

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Cyclonis Limited, a developer of software solutions focused on data management and organization, is proud to announce the launch of its first product – Cyclonis Password Manager. Available for Windows and macOS, Cyclonis Password Manager is a free, feature-rich password management solution built from the ground up to ensure that its users' passwords and other sensitive data are encrypted in a personal vault and easily accessible wherever needed.

All Data on All Devices

In addition to storing and organizing usernames and passwords, Cyclonis Password Manager enables users to store Private Notes in the personal vault. Users may also store bank cards, ID documents and other personal information. An intuitive interface provides easy access to data. The cloud functionality of Cyclonis Password Manager gives the ability to store and access data via supported cloud storage providers, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive.

Cyclonis Password Manager Encrypts, Stores & Organizes Data

Cyclonis Password Manager encrypts and stores data by adding it to a personal vault, which is encrypted with AES-256, an encryption algorithm used by military, financial and government institutions all over the world. To unlock the vault and decrypt information, users can use a personal master password. The master password is for one person's eyes only – by design, not even Cyclonis staff or servers have access to passwords and data.

Cyclonis Password Manager also includes the Password Analyzer, which checks for weak, old, reused and potentially compromised passwords. It estimates the Total Strength Score – a visual estimation of the user's overall website account password strength. With the built-in Password Generator, users can replace weak and reused passwords with more complex ones.

Save Passwords with Ease with the Cyclonis Password Manager Browser Extension

Alongside the desktop application, Cyclonis is launching the Cyclonis Password Manager browser extension. It works together with the desktop application to integrate Cyclonis Password Manager features with a web browser. It is currently available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera. It provides the ability to automatically fill in login, personal and payment information on website forms, directly within a browser. This feature helps to cut down on the time needed to complete registration forms and online purchases.

Both the Cyclonis Password Manager desktop application and the accompanying browser extension are available free-of-charge and can be downloaded from

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