CybrHawk Announces the Addition of Memory Injection Detection to Its SIEM Platform

“CybrHawk”, The Company, which operates the world's most advanced enterprise cybersecurity threat intelligence tools, has announced the integration of a memory injection solution to its SIEM Platform to fight zero-day attacks.

"Our mission is to provide end-to-end analytics solutions for customers to rapidly identify and respond to advanced threats," said Jacob Thankachen, CEO and Co-founder at CybrHawk. Integrating Memory Injection solutions into the CybrHawk Next-Gen SIEM platform accelerates our dream of providing greater security and quicker response times for our customers across all environments.

Memory analysis is a key component of any attack detection solution, as the signature-based nature of traditional detection does not detect these techniques. Memory hunts help one to look at the systems in more detail and gauge whether they have been tampered. Attackers try to hide in memory of existing processes because widely used Anti-Virus and Next Gen tools, along with the analysts who staff SecOps desks, focus on files on disk. Consequently, these tools are simply not capable of detecting malware that lives in memory nor stopping them from infecting a device. Attacks in memory are subtle and easily bypass anti-virus and forensic tools. Indeed, operating in memory has become the preferred means by which attackers avoid detection. And they now make up over 70% of new malware and ransomware.

CybrHawk in-line memory Injection uses Memory Mapping technology which defends against undocumented changes to memory, while locking down memory deemed safe. Its unique technology for Windows computers blocks malware and ransomware before they can launch an attack instead of only supplying Post-Exploit logs for analysis. Every Windows environment is vulnerable to these memory and kernel injection attacks, and CybrHawk has defended them all since Version 7.

In view of the proliferation and accessibility of these techniques, security personnel must be vigilant for, and proactively hunt down, memory-based attacker techniques on their systems. However, most products cannot generally detect at-scale in-memory attacks, leaving defenders with an enormous gap in their ability to detect and protect against such attacks.


About CybrHawk.

CybrHawk is a leading provider of information-security-driven, risk intelligence solutions, focused solely on protecting clients from cyberattacks. We also pioneered an integrated approach that provides a wide range of cybersecurity solutions for organizations of varying size and complexity. Our solutions enable organizations to define their cyberdefenses to prevent security breaches, detect real-time malicious activity, prioritize and respond quickly to security breaches, and predict emerging threats.


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About CybrHawk Inc

CybrHawk is a leading provider of information security-driven risk intelligence solutions focused solely on protecting clients from cyber-attacks.

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