CybeReady Named Innovation and Growth Leader in Frost Radar™ Security Awareness Training (SAT) Report

According to the Frost Radar™ Report, CybeReady's Training Program Makes an Impact from Day One by Facilitating Cultural and Behavioral Change

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CybeReady, a leader in security awareness training, today announced important recognition from analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. CybeReady has been recognized as a global leader in the Frost Radar™ Global Security Awareness Training 2022™ analysis - excelling across the innovation and growth indices.

Cybersecurity threats have skyrocketed in recent years, posing a major challenge to companies of all sizes. With hackers targeting human behavior rather than technology, it is crucial for organizations to equip their employees with the knowledge and training needed to stay safe online. Human behavior analysis has become a crucial component in risk management, making security awareness training a critical aspect of an organization's overall security strategy.

In the new Frost Radar report, CybeReady ranked among the leading "Companies to Action" or vendors that should be considered first for financial investment, partnership, and leadership benchmarking in the areas of innovation and growth.

According to Deepali Sathe, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, "CybeReady's new generation of out-of-the-box cybersecurity awareness training solutions cater to customer IT teams' security requirements without additional burden. Its solutions facilitate behavior and culture change with adaptive training and respond to dynamic employee risks. The comprehensive solution analysis reveals CybeReady's data-driven approach, which sets a new standard of innovation and helps it to excel as compared to legacy security awareness solutions."

According to Frost & Sullivan, "The global security awareness training (SAT) market is on a growth trajectory and is expected to register growth across all regions over the next few years. As the right environment for cybersecurity develops and the importance of SAT as an additional security layer for enterprises increases, the market will be worth $6.29 billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 27.5%."

Security awareness training (SAT) is moving from being an inconsequential and annual activity to one that is a frequent and imperative part of the overall security culture and fabric that every organization wants to achieve. The Frost Radar Security Awareness Report compares industry players, evaluates their innovation and growth, and determines which vendors have demonstrated success in the space, outperforming others in the category. Out of a pool of 80 global industry participants, only 16 were chosen, including CybeReady, for this in-depth analysis.

In the report, CybeReady was identified as a leading vendor in the areas of:

  • Innovation - CybeReady's AI and ML-based platform brings higher standards to the market. Its ML-based SAT platform is aimed at changing employee behavior with a focus on enhancing an organization's security culture. The adaptive learning platform consists of BLAST (phishing simulations), CAB (content bites) and the recently launched AUDITREADY (a compliance module). Working closely with customers, the company maintains a deep understanding of client challenges to sharpen innovation.
  • Growth - With an average 82% growth rate over the last three years, CybeReady is clearly meeting customer needs. The company has ongoing investments in sales and marketing initiatives to reach out to its target market and ensures that customer feedback is reflected in its high-quality customer relationship management.

The report further noted that "[CybeReady's] position on the Frost Radar™ indicates a strong growth momentum over the next couple of years. The company's ability to identify real-time challenges when ensuring security and automating their resolution using its dynamic and adaptive learning platform can be leveraged to reach out to more large and small enterprises."

"As highlighted by Frost & Sullivan, we are dedicated to delivering an effective cybersecurity awareness training program that works out-of-the-box to meet the unique needs of busy cybersecurity leaders," said Eitan Fogel, CybeReady CEO. "Our team is thrilled to be featured in the Frost Radar Report as a key security awareness training vendor committed to providing exceptional value to enterprises globally."

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