Cyber Monday Deal From CAROL, an AI-Powered Exercise Bike That Helps Get Users Fit in 9 Minutes a Day in 8 Weeks

CAROL announces $500 discount promotion active throughout Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday, with bonus offer free annual subscription and chest belt


CAROL announces $500 off its AI-powered, HIIT exercise bike scientifically shown to help users get fit in under 9 minutes a day. The Cyber Monday deal (coupon code CM700) is available at In addition to the discount, the company is also offering a free one-year subscription and a chest belt as an added bonus.

CAROL (usual price $2,995 - now $2,495 with coupon code CM700), is pushing the boundaries of everything we know about exercise and is scientifically shown to give results in the shortest amount of time possible. A session on CAROL delivers a more effective and better workout than regular cardio.

Every session on CAROL is personalized and two 20 second sprints mean that 3 rides a week on CAROL (as part of a full 8-minute 40-second session that includes an effortless warm up and warm down) will help users get fit and slim in just 8 weeks. The tech in a CAROL bike is ahead of other exercise bikes, making regular workout regimes redundant. This is the first truly personalized, time-saving, life-changing workout that is comparable to being in the lab with a scientist calibrating every second of the exercise regime to get maximum results.

In a randomized, independently funded trial the prestigious American Council of Exercise scientifically found that a short workout on CAROL with only 2 x 20 seconds of hard work makes obsolete regular US government exercise guidelines of 5 x 30 minutes sessions a week:

"CAROL outperformed Government Guidelines on every measurement. 32 participants were allocated into two groups in a randomized controlled trial over eight weeks. One group exercised with CAROL three days per week, while the other group exercised 30 minutes for five days per week in line with Government Guidelines. CAROL's glycogen depletion workouts are so effective and efficient that the group exercising with CAROL got double the gains in a fraction of the time."

Regular use of CAROL doubles fitness gains and improves many key health markers. CAROL is a game-changer for the time-poor, the exercise haters, biohackers and the early adopters. Working out on CAROL means users no longer need to spend hours in the gym or have grueling sessions with personal trainers and the great news is there is $500 off using the code CM700

Cyber Monday deal - $500 off CAROL normal price $2995 for Cyber Monday with bonus free annual subscription (worth $144) and chest belt (worth $59), using code CM700. Black Friday deal on until Sunday 29th November. Get a free 3-year subscription (worth $432), free delivery (worth $195), and a free chest belt (worth $59) with code BF700For further press information, please contact: 

Source: CAROL