CUTV News Will Be Featuring Sheila Murphy of Focus Forward Consulting

Founder of Focus Forward Consulting

Close-Up Television today announced it will feature Sheila Murphy in an exclusive one-on-one Video interview with host Jim Masters.

Sheila Murphy is a highly respected and award-winning executive coach and senior executive for a Fortune 50. She is also the founder of Focus Forward Consulting, a company born from her philosophy that people must always stay focused on the future and look ahead strategically with courage, intensity, and purpose. 

Sheila has achieved remarkable success in her career, being twice recognized as a Most Influential Irish American and receiving various awards for her work in law and business management. Among these accolades are a Lifetime Achievement Award from In House Counsel, as well as being named among the 250 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs and one of the Leading Women Lawyers in NYC. These recognitions are a testament to her talent and dedication to the field.

The 2008 recession had a particularly devastating effect on female executives, leaving many without a job, feeling emotionally drained, and unable to maintain their previous lifestyle. Sheila's natural aptitude for recognizing potential and helping other women was amplified by this event. She began to mentor and coach those in need, in addition to taking on more talent development projects at her Fortune 50 employer. Later, Sheila decided to make her passion into a business and founded a firm that specializes in both coaching and consulting.

The Focus Forward Consulting team is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of coaching and consulting services, including Executive Coaching, Business Development, Career Coaching, Law Firm Development, and an accelerated VIP Program. Sheila is also a highly sought-after speaker and trainer, specializing in career growth, leadership, diversity, and executive presence.

Sheila and her Focus Forward team assist individuals from mid-level managers to C-suite executives in discovering their leadership capabilities, strengths, room to grow, and development opportunities in the job market. The process begins by introducing the fundamentals, including the notion that "no leader can do everything and still succeed". Another element is that people often lack an accurate assessment of their abilities and potential; they may not recognize how they are seen by colleagues, subordinates, superiors, etc., for better or worse.

Sheila gives potential clients a complimentary 30-minute consultation to decide whether she is the most suitable coach to help them meet their objectives. This pragmatic, hands-on methodology sets Sheila apart from other workforce consultants. Her own professional experience in the industries she serves makes her even more unique; she has faced the same struggles and successfully overcome them. Furthermore, Sheila has an extensive network she can draw on to support people in honing their skills and finding new roles.

"I am both a cheerleader and a truth-sayer. I am such a huge source of support for my clients, but I am also not afraid to tell them what they really need to hear so that they can move forward."

Sheila stresses that her coaching facilitates goals for lawyers, leaders, and legal organizations. 

" I guide them to build more fulfilling and thriving careers, practices, and businesses."

We urge savvy professionals to use and share the embedded video and its many tips for a successful move ahead.

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Source: CUTV News

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