CUTV News Welcomes Organizational Psychologist and Resilience Facilitator Dr. Madelyn Blair

CUTV News today announced Dr. Madelyn Blair is featured in an exclusive one-on-one conversation with host Jim Masters to share her organizational psychology insights that have transformed contemporary businesses and staffs. Dr. Blair will discuss the power of resilience, how to build it, and the secret of confident leadership.

Dr. Blair is a speaker, author, Columbia University faculty member and senior advisor specializing in the science and art of resilient leadership.

Dr. Blair’s definition of resilience is one that it immediately understandable and actionable. She sees each person as having some leadership role even if it is just how they "lead" their own attitude.

“When managers are resilient, they feel confident in themselves, they allow their staff to ask questions, and they get much better results," says Dr. Blair. "It's not just a question of people being more productive; their staff becomes more creative, innovative. When you have resilience available, you create an environment where that can happen.”

Dr. Blair herself is a lifelong learner and keeps acquiring knowledge as she observes teams, and analyzes herself in relation to other leaders.

Dr. Blair’s instruction style is more facilitator than lecturer, and her platform—shaping the resilient leader—keeps gaining traction.

In sessions with individuals and teams, Dr. Blair uses what she refers to as her “Phenomenal Four.” “This is the beginning of building resilience,” says Dr. Blair. “The Phenomenal Four are daily practices just like a marathoner stretches every day.”

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Source: CUTV News

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