CUTV News Welcomes Dr. Paul Pearce of Nova Biologicals

CUTV News today announced it will feature Dr. Paul Pearce of Nova Biologicals in an exclusive, one-on-one interview with host Jim Masters. 

Microorganisms, or germs, affect the lives of every person on earth. Hidden in plain sight, these microorganisms can affect the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the medical equipment we depend on and the medicines we take.

Have you ever wondered who tests our food, our water, our air, our medicines, our medical devices for microorganisms, bacteria and toxicity? Protecting ourselves from these germs requires the diligent work of microbiological testing laboratories like Nova Biologicals.

Dr. Paul Pearce is the president and lab director for Nova Biologicals, which specializes in testing a vast array of water, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics. 

“There has been nothing more destructive to humanity than infection,” says Dr. Pearce. “These organisms want to live just as much as any other organism wants to live, and they can adjust their genetics to survive in challenging environments. It’s a never-ending battle. What we do affects millions of people every day.”

Under the direction of Dr. Pearce, Nova Biologicals works with hospitals, healthcare systems, nursing homes, extended living facilities and medical device companies to help resolve problems associated with microbiology.

“We stay right in the middle of that effort to manage or control those microorganisms and prevent disease,” says Dr. Pearce. “What we're doing is very important and we never forget that. We appreciate that responsibility and we guard that responsibility very carefully.”

As a fully certified testing laboratory, Nova Biologicals recognizes the enormity of the need to collaborate with individuals, industry and federal, state and local authorities. Through this collaborative effort, Nova provides testing and consulting services that enable all parties to fulfill their responsibilities to their families, customers and citizens.

Nova Biologicals provides testing and consulting services throughout the United States, as well as in Nicaragua, Ghana and Uganda, helping to develop water safety programs.

“We are spreading the word about how germs impact our society,” says Dr. Pearce. “We believe that global education is necessary if we are to truly improve the quality of our lives here in America, as well as the world.”

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