CUTV News Welcomes Dr. Dennis Hurwitz of the Hurwitz Center of Plastic Surgery

CUTV News today announced Dr. Dennis Hurwitz of The Hurwitz Center of Plastic Surgery is featured in an exclusive one-on-one conversation with host Jim Masters. Anyone considering cosmetic surgery of any kind needs to choose a surgeon who is the best of the best.

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz is the director of the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery. A senior plastic surgeon of renowned international reputation, Dr. Hurwitz is rated as one of the top doctors in the entire United States for aesthetic plastic surgery.

“We're forward-thinking in trying to help our patients,” says Dr. Hurwitz. “The bottom line is all about better patient care. We change them safely, and their lives are the better for it.”

As skilled and artistic as plastic surgeons are, they are generally conservative. There are only a select few who attempt to advance the field through new techniques and technology to improve results. For over 40 years, Dr. Hurwitz has dedicated his career to developing and mastering procedures using the latest advances in revolutionary technology.

“I see no bounds to plastic surgery artistry,” says Dr. Hurwitz. “We're trying things that were unheard of just a few years ago.”

One of the procedures is the “total body lift.” Each year, surgeons like Dr. Hurwitz are getting closer and closer to being true sculptors of both the feminine and male form. Dr. Hurwitz is the author of "Comprehensive Body Contouring: Theory and Practice," which presents an analysis of the innovative technologies and techniques he has developed over the past 15 years of clinical experience. It is both an instructional manual and surgical atlas.

“It's the ability, the desire, to look at an individual who seeks help in a comprehensive way, and come up with a total body lift plan,” says Dr. Hurwitz. “I'm most proud setting people up to be the best looking they can be. It's a wonderful part of my experience to see people truly change their perspective on life. It's not just about looking good to others; it's the psychology of your well-being.”

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Source: CUTV News

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