CUTV News Welcomes Customer Service Expert Barbara Khozam

Barbara Khozam

CUTV News today announced award-winning motivational speaker and customer service expert Barbara Khozam is featured in an exclusive one-on-one interview with host Jim Masters.

Barbara Khozam helps businesses promote the highest level of excellence and customer experience. Through her unique consulting services, Khozam and her team help companies create cultures of service in which employees become customer advocates. 

“Customer service isn’t about being a department or a policy,” says Khozam. “It’s about creating a culture where people can’t wait to do business with you and are excited to refer their friends to you as well. Being a customer is an emotional experience; they need to be always reassured they’ve made a good decision.”

Khozam’s acclaimed book How Organizations Deliver BAD Customer Service (and Strategies that Turn it Around) is a staple for anyone who excels at creating great customer relationships. As a consultant, Khozam specializes in health care, where the customer is also a patient.

“Today, patients have choices in their health care. If they don't like how they're being treated at your practice, they can easily choose another one,” says Khozam. “I worked recently with a large medical group in San Diego. After the training, their results improved significantly, higher than all the other medical groups in the region and maintained that for three months after the training. That means managers are doing their job, holding each other accountable, the momentum strategies are working. It was a team effort. They took it on and nailed it.”

Khozam is known around the world for her ability to connect with her audience through her enthusiastic, funny and engaging customer service training.

This April, Khozam earned her CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™) designation from the National Speakers Association, the leading organization for the professional speaking industry. The CSP designation is the profession’s international measure of experience and skill. Khozam demonstrates the Four Es of Professional Speaker excellence: Eloquence, Expertise, Enterprise and Ethics. Khozam is one of 41 professionals to earn the CSP in the class of 2019. Khozam will be honored during a ceremony on July 28, 2019, at  Influence 2019, NSA’s annual conference in Denver, Colorado.

Khozam is only the second woman in the entire world to earn both the CSP® designation and the Accredited Speaker Designation from Toastmaster’s International.

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