CUTV News Welcomes Barbara Anne Rose of The Space Between the Thorns

CUTV News today announced that Barbara Anne Rose of "The Space Between the Thorns," will be featured in an exclusive sit-down, one-on-one conversation with host Jim Masters.

Barbara Anne Rose is a Spiritual healer, author and founder of "The Space Between the Thorns," where she offers individuals and couples life relationship coaching, massage, as well as intimacy counseling workshops for men, women and couples who want to heal or enhance their relationships and create more fulfilling Spiritual, sensual and sexual lives.

I'm here to help you transform not just your body but the mind as well.

Barbara Anne Rose

Barbara is also a Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide member. Look to see one of her photos coming soon in Times Square.

Barbara sat down with CUTV News to discuss the importance of touch and how we can use touch to empower ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“Touch is life. Touch gives life,” says Barbara. “Touch is crucial to the soul, the heart, the mind and the whole entire being. Too much fear surrounds touch.”

Barbara has developed an exercise program designed specifically for women that emphasize the importance of touch.

“I’ve always been in touch with my body,” says Barbara. “I’ve always enjoyed seeing those transformations. All the things I’ve gone through in my life, fitness helped me connect to myself and my spirituality and my own spiritual gifts and using them and embracing them and not being afraid of them, to keep moving forward.”

According to Barbara, half of the women in the United States are on some kind of diet and 90 percent of women have problems with their body image. Barbara says she used to be one of them. She can relate to that fear.

“Stick with it,” says Barbara. “If you stick with the program, I’m here to help you transform not just your body but the mind as well. I want to help women break through those fears that are within them whatever that fear happens to be.”

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