CUTV News Welcomes Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach, and Healer Barbara Steingas

CUTV News today announced award-winning author, speaker, coach and healer Barbara Steingas is featured in an exclusive one-on-one interview with host Jim Masters.

Barbara Steingas could have stayed a physical therapist helping people heal and nurse themselves back to health, wellness and balance as she’d done for over 30 years, but she wanted to take things further and deeper, incorporating more inspiration and motivation and spirituality for deeper healing and sense of self.

Today, Steingas combines her background in physical therapy with the work of Dr. Robert Atkins and inspiration gleaned from Louise Hay, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra to help her clients take back control of their health.

“My work is all about helping people prioritize themselves, value themselves and take the reins of what’s in their control rather than giving much thought to what isn’t,” says Steingas.

Steingas is uniquely suited to this work. For the majority of her life, she’s suffered from Crohn's Disease, a chronic condition related to severe inflammation of the digestive tract. For those who suffer from Crohn’s, the symptoms can be completely debilitating, disrupting every facet of life.

“If I can help other people through suffering, it makes it worthwhile that I had to go through suffering.”

Steingas helps her clients break through the vicious cycle of self-sabotage so they can truly achieve their goals, dreams and the life they want and deserve.

“It’s not about all or nothing,” says Steingas. “I beat myself up over it and I suffered for it. I had to realize I’m not going to be perfect every day, but if I can do enough little things, such as rest, hydrate, eat properly, exercise to help me feel better, that’s ok and I could reward myself. Start with something, then gradually build upon it​ and eventually you’re going to feel better.”

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