Customers Can Now Pick and Mix Their Multipack Colours

The online suppliers of ink cartridges in Ireland have now introduced new pick and mix feature, where customer can choose the quantities of any colours for their multipacks. are the first online supplier in Ireland to offer customers a service whereby they can choose the quantity of colours they prefer when ordering a full set of ink cartridges. As part of an ongoing attempt to improve customer service, this online cartridge supplier is responding to their customer's needs and wants. It appears that although the large multipacks of ink cartridges are proving the most popular buy online at the moment, customers tend to build up too many cartridges of the same colour. This can be a problem when it comes to re-ordering those colours customers are low on and at the same time want to take advantage of the best value multipacks that were previously selling as only full sets plus free blacks. Now customers can select the number of cartridges of any colour that suits theirr stocks and this is a big help cutting the cost of having to buy individual ink cartridges - these were previously retailing at a higher cost.

When they have decided that the price is what they want to pay then take a look at the delivery. Is there a charge for delivery and how much is it. Crucially the delivery should be within a day or two and if they are buying from a UK website this is unlikely to be the case.

Royal Mail can take up to a week to deliver ink cartridges to the Republic of Ireland so buying from an Irish website has the distinct advantage of next day delivery by courier.

Customer support is another essential element in the process of buying compatible ink cartridges as from time to time there may be issues with ink cartridge recognition by the printer and finding ways to overcome these difficulties will be resolved by contacting customer service.