Customers Are Already Lining Up to Take Part in High Drive's Grand Opening

Specializing in training and competition equipment for dog sport competitors, High Drive is already making a name for itself in the Calgary training community. Original sporting collections include frisbees for disc doggers and dog sledding equipment. Only bringing in the best in top-of-the-line gear that professional dog trainers and competitors use every day.

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Megan Ritchie, owner of High Drive, is proud to announce the official opening of her new Calgary based specialty e-commerce pet store. High Drive is dedicated to finding the very best in training and competition equipment for dog sporting enthusiasts and professionals, working closely with dog trainers and competitors to bring their customers the very best.

High Drive is known for helping dog training enthusiasts of all skill levels find the tools they need to make their dreams a reality.

With their September opening, they have been thrilled to welcome so many passionate dog owners into their shop community. Owner Megan Ritchie says, "All the products we carry meet our exacting standards, so customers can rest assured that we stand behind everything we sell." They have focused their opening on two main product lines, disc dog frisbees and dog sledding equipment.

Products are exclusively sold on their website and they have been happily surprised by the support of the Calgary sporting community and pleased to see how much interest there has been for the products they offer. 

As part of their initial offering, they proudly carry Hero Disc USA brand dog frisbees, the leader in dog safe competition discs. The leading disc manufacturer when it comes to UpDog Challenge competition and Toss & Fetch League. These make a great toy for everyday pet owners, and Hero has a wide range of discs that meet competitive trainers' needs.

For the mushing community, they carrying ManMat & Adanac sledding harnesses and equipment. Both brands are extremely well respected and used by high-level competitive racers, touring companies, and enthusiasts alike. They offer a great place to start to learn the sport but can stand up to higher levels and racing.

Their add on gift packaging options and gift certificates are a safe bet for any dog lover. 

Megan Ritchie is excited to welcome new fans of the store to check out their specialty toys and equipment and would like to thank all their customers for allowing them to be a part of making their dreams a reality.

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