Customer Contact Services Completes Brand Refresh

50-Year-Old Company Refreshes and Expands Company

CCS Refreshed Brand

Customer Contact Services welcomes the evolution of a better way to access custom Call Center, Call Answering and IT Managed Solutions. The reimagined branding and redesigned website, along with the recent acquisitions of like-minded companies, lay the foundation for a multi-year strategy aimed at expanding and enhancing its clients' business. "Call center outsourcing has consistently performed well for us," said Andrea Godsave, Chief Financial Officer, "and with forecasts projecting at least 8. 5% compound annual growth through 2024 and beyond, we expect that to continue." 

CCS has witnessed a growth spurt over the last few years, acquiring several industry partners such as that extend or improve its capabilities. Visitors to the company's updated website will discover an improved user experience. The website has been redesigned to provide partners with the tools they want to find the services they need.

Improvements include a cleaner page layout and improved search & scan functions.  

What hasn't changed? The company's in-depth industry knowledge, its longstanding commitment to technology, and an unsurpassed dedication to service. "We'll continue to deliver solutions, not just offer services," enthuses Aundrea Mitchell, President.

What do the next 50 years hold for CCS? "We couldn't be prouder of the reputation we've built over the last 50 years," continues Mitchell, "but we're not resting on our success. It's going to be an exciting time and we intend to lead from the front." CCS creates and executes value-driven, custom Call Center, Call Answering and IT Managed Solutions for its business partners that: Reduce costs & staffing, Improve service & coverage, Maintain reliability & consistency, Reinforce customer relationships.

Aundrea Mitchell 

Source: Customer Contact Services

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